Pregnant woman stuck coronary and gave birth while in a coma – Her shocking story


It all started with a cough and a little later it came out positive on a coronary artery. Pregnant Angela Primachenko, who has won the bet on life, now confesses that it is a miracle that she is still alive. “You know, they had this cough and then it got worse and then I couldn’t breathe at night,” the woman said on a US television show from her home in Washington.

While she was pregnant, she was admitted to hospital and given oxygen. Doctors put her in an artificial coma in which she remained for a week and during this time she gave birth to her baby girl. Doctors chose to put her in a coma so that her body could fight the coronary artery as Angela became seriously ill. When she returned from the coma, she felt disoriented by all the drugs in her body, and noticed that she had lost her pregnancy belly. Her doctors took the child to the 34th week of pregnancy. She didn’t remember anything. “I wasn’t sure where I was, I was very confused, I didn’t have a belly anymore, I didn’t know where my baby was, I was in solitary confinement. I couldn’t see my husband.” She came out of the respiratory support and a little later from the Intensive Care Unit, the medication to which she responded gradually stopped and so she was discharged. Ava’s daughter remains in hospital for doctors to monitor her condition. “I take turns every day and try to regain my strength,” said Angela, who worked at the hospital as a nurse in the blast ward. “I was on guard and I didn’t go to work because I’m pregnant. I don’t know where I got it and I ended up in the hospital with my condition getting worse by the day.” It came out positive on March 26 and two days later it got worse. On March 29, they put her in an artificial coma. On April 1, her doctors took the child for protection.


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