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April 15, 3:25 am

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REUTERS / Tatyana Makeyeva

In Russia, the number of recorded cases of coronavirus disease is increasing

The Russian Coronavirus Center reports that 106 people have died in Moscow since the epidemic.

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It is reported that 11 people have died in the last 24 hours.

«Among the dead are patients from 48 to 86 years. All patients had concomitant diseases, ”the doctors said.

It is noted that the deceased were suffering from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, pyelonephritis, chronic hepatitis C and chronic bronchitis.

The total number of detected cases of coronavirus disease in the Russian Federation exceeded 21 thousand. 181 people died, 1694 successfully underwent treatment.

Almost two million COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide. More than 125,000 people have died.

The United States is the leader in the number of patients (more than 600 thousand) and the dead (more than 25 thousand) from coronavirus.

Italy ranks second in terms of coronavirus deaths – 21,067 people died. Pandemic victims in Spain were 18 056 people.

Top 10 countries by number of patients with coronovirus. We show how the numbers changed by day:


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