Coronavirus in Ukraine – instructions for the proper use of masks and respirators


We're doing it wrong: how to wear masks and respirators during a coronavirus pandemic
How to use masks and respirators (Photo: freepik)

Experts explained how to use masks and respirators in order to increase protection against coronavirus

Coronavirus in Ukraine has already infected more than three thousand people and doctors insist that the correct use of masks and other protective equipment can significantly reduce the risk of infection. However, masks and respirators must be worn correctly so that their protection is truly effective.

According to experts, an ordinary medical mask cannot protect against the virus, but it can protect other people if the mask’s owner is infected and does not even suspect it. Large drops do not spread through the air, but settle on the inner surfaces of the mask, writes 24 channel.

Respirators do not give full protection, as new studies have shown that the N95 respirator can protect against bacterial infections, but not against viruses.

However, experts insist that the level of protection when using N95 or FFP respirators still significantly increase safety, since they trap more than 95% of the microparticles.

Basic rules for using masks and respirators:

  • It is important that the respirator is tight against the skin.
  • If there is a thick beard or mustache – it makes no sense to use a respirator, it will be ineffective.
  • Before putting on a respirator, you need to wash your hands with soap or an antiseptic.
  • Do not touch the mask or respirators with your hands when they are on the face. If necessary, hands must first be washed or treated.
  • The mask must be changed immediately after it becomes wet.
  • When removing the mask or respirator, do not touch the internal parts. After that – wash your hands thoroughly or treat with an antiseptic.
  • If the mask is disposable, then it must be used once and repeated use increases the risk of infection.

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