‘Healthcare personnel are not actively tested for coronavirus’


Healthcare staff outside hospitals are still under-tested. That says NU’91, the professional organization for nurses and carers, after a survey.

Of the 2500 respondents, 60 percent say that there is no active testing among colleagues who may be infected with the corona virus. This number is particularly high in the care for the disabled: 74 percent.

According to NU’91 chairman Stella Salden, this is because tests are often difficult and the procedures are unclear. “Healthcare workers who suspect they have corona are actually sent from box to wall.”

Discouragement Policy

She says it seems like healthcare institutions and the GGDs have a discouragement policy to test. “Staff often have to wait a long time. They are sent to the doctor and then they are sent to the company doctor. Then it turns out that they are not present and they have to wait for days whether they can be tested or not. In the end, they start work.” She speaks of an unsafe situation.

Health Minister De Jonge announced at the end of March that the number of tests would be considerably increased in order to screen more healthcare professionals for the virus. This has also happened since this week: the first effects of this were visible today in the figures of the RIVM.

Test it yourself

The NU’91 chairman would rather see healthcare institutions test the staff themselves. “Healthcare professionals are able to take tests themselves. I think it is much easier to arrange this.”

The GGD says it is too early to criticize, as health care personnel testing began on Monday. “The research of NU’91 is quite early, we are just starting. However, we notice that people are finding us better and that we expect that we will receive more and more registrations to carry out tests. At least for now there is enough capacity. “


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