What is Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project, how will it be used within the scope of coronavirus?


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced in the press release that a system in which quarantine at home will be followed will soon be implemented. Presidential Communications President Fahrettin Altun stated that new measures are being taken in the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) and the “Pandemi Isolation Tracking Project” has been developed by the Ministry of Health. Within the scope of the project, it is planned to monitor whether those who have positive coronavirus tests comply with the isolation rules required for the health of themselves, their relatives and the society.

In the statement, it was stated that the mobility of the quarantined people and regions can be observed and analyzes that prevent the spread of the epidemic can be made. The following applications will be implemented within the scope of Pandemi Isolation Tracking Project.

“We continue to add new measures to our fight against coronavirus. Our most recent step is the” Pandemi Isolation Tracking Project “developed by our Ministry of Health. This project together now stronger against the virus! We feed us at Turkey, “he said. A video about “Pandemi Isolation Tracking Project” was also included in the sharing of the Communication Chairman Altun. The Head of Communication explained the details of the project as follows:

What is Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project?

Pandemi Isolation Tracking Project is a project developed by the Ministry of Health to control the Kovid-19 outbreak and to ensure that the isolation rule is the most important measure to prevent its spread.

How will the Pandemic Isolation Tracking Project be used within the scope of coronavirus?

People who need to be isolated at home because of the risk of Covid-19 will be warned through the short message service when they leave their homes. They will be contacted instantly through automatic call technology, and will be asked to return to where they need to be under isolation. The situations of those who do not comply with the warning and continue the violation will be shared with the relevant law enforcement agencies, and the necessary administrative measures and sanctions will be implemented. The road control police teams will be able to find out whether the person has violated the isolation by questioning their information.

Presidential Communications Presidency also dropped the following note about the system:

“With the isolation tracking system, it is aimed to protect not only the person but also their relatives and public health. Combating the Covid-19 epidemic will be a very effective tool. Pandemi Isolation Monitoring Project aims to greatly reduce the virus spread.

“Pandemi Isolation Tracking Project does not constitute any contradiction to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.”


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