“Never do that again!”


Image of article The usual 1500 year old, banned due to coronavirus. Trump's expert warns:

Usually 1500 years old, banned because of coronavirus. Trump’s expert warns: “Never do this again!”

Donald Trump’s expert in fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Anthony Fauci, has already said that humanity will never be the same again, even after the coronavirus’s nightmare is defeated. A specialist in infectious diseases, Fauci also comes with a supplement to his statement. We will have to be very careful because the danger of coronavirus will go on all the time, and we will have to give up some habits.

One of them: “People should not shake hands anymore. As a society, we must completely forget about it,” said Fauci on a television station. People greet each other with a handshake for 1500 years ago, a tradition present in the daily life of many civilizations.

“We don’t need to shake hands. We have to stop with this habit. Because, in fact, it is one of the fastest ways in which respiratory diseases are transmitted,” says Fauci.

“We must have printed in us for all time from now on the awareness that a catastrophe like the one that can happen anytime”, said the doctor.

The US has by far the highest number of coronavirus infections – 435,000, but almost 15,000 deaths.

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