Scientists called the main difference between coronavirus and flu


The main difference between the new type of coronavirus and the flu is that with the epidemic of the latter, most people have immunity, so they are insured against the disease. This was stated by an expert from the University of Washington in St. Louis Abigail Carlson.
According to the scientist, people eventually managed to develop the so-called herd immunity to the influenza virus. She noted that the immune system can recognize a viral enemy based on the experience of a previous infection, as well as develop antibodies. Some people get vaccinated.

For this reason, according to Carlson, a much larger number of people in the world can be infected with coronavirus, writes Business Insider.

According to Otto Young, a specialist at the University of California at Los Angeles, there is no vaccine for treatment, so the disease will have serious consequences for the population.

Experts believe that there are differences in the diagnosis between coronavirus and influenza. Doctors can detect the flu using nasal or oral swabs. And antiviral drugs can defeat the infection. At the moment, only isolation and social distance can cope with coronavirus.


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