Coronavirus: Number of deaths increases by 93 to 864


Today’s key points:

  • In the Netherlands, 864 people died from the virus.
  • The number of newly reported infections is 884. In total, there are now 11,750 known infection cases.
  • More than a thousand people on IC.
  • The number of new hospital admissions in Brabant is decreasing, in South Holland it is increasing considerably.

Do you want to read back what news there was last weekend about the corona crisis? Which you can find here.

Total number of deaths increases by 93 to 864

The coronavirus has already claimed at least 864 lives in the Netherlands, an increase of 93 since Sunday, according to the latest figures from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

RIVM receives the death rates from the GGDs in the country. The actual number of deceased is higher. First of all, deaths are sometimes only reported after a few days. In addition, not every contamination is determined by a test. If someone who has not been tested by the virus dies, it will not be reflected in the statistics.

Questions about the use of a police drone

GroenLinks, PvdA, The Hague City Party and Party for the Animals ask questions to the city council of The Hague to clarify the use of a police drone on the Cape Square last weekend. The parties are concerned about the implications for citizens’ privacy and fundamental rights.

The drone was equipped with a camera and speaker that asked people in different languages ​​to leave the square. Group leader of GroenLinks Arjen Kapteijns is concerned about the development. ‘Of course it is important that people stay in as much as possible and do not meet up with groups on the street, the police must also maintain this. However, a drone is a further extension of the control options, without knowing whether the fundamental rights of citizens in Transvaal and elsewhere in the city are guaranteed. ‘

In written questions to the city council, the parties question whether the use of the drone was really necessary or whether alternative options were available, such as addressing people personally with regard to RIVM guidelines.

Cortas patients Libertas Leiden passed away

The two residents of nursing homes of Libertas Leiden, who became aware at the end of last week that they had been infected with the corona virus, have died. This is reported by media partner Sleutelstad. On Sunday it became clear that the resident of the Lorentzhof location had died. On Monday, Libertas reports that the resident of the Rijn en Vliet residential care center also died of the virus, as did a third resident who had previously been hospitalized.

‘Our thoughts and condolences go out to the families of these residents,’ says director Tanja Ineke of Libertas Leiden. Both residents were carefully nursed and cared for in their own rooms according to the guidelines and protocols of the RIVM, according to Libertas.

Emergency services: do not come to incidents

According to the Hollands Midden security region, many people have recently come to incidents that are happening. The Security Region calls on everyone to simply stay indoors and continue to use common sense. If someone is outside, keep 1.5 meters away, so that the emergency services can do their work properly and safely.

Tim and Ellen from Leiden infected: ‘Everything hurts’

The Leiden couple Tim and Ellen from Leiden have been at home with corona for a week. They tell how it is at media partner Sleutelstad. ‘It is really a very serious virus this. ” Tim, 37, was the first to catch the virus, after which his girlfriend, who was three years younger, also became infected. The duo wants to warn young people that not only older people get sick from the coronavirus. ‘Everything hurts, thinking becomes difficult and you really feel completely miserable. I did not expect that.’

Transavia cancels all flights until May 6

Airline company Transavia keeps all its aircraft on the ground longer. The price fighter announces that it will certainly no longer operate any flights until 6 May, unless it concerns flights commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to pick up stranded travelers. A Transavia spokesperson explains that the company wants to offer its customers security, also in view of the restrictions, restrictions and measures imposed by the Dutch government and authorities in other countries. Transavia had already suspended flights until April 15.

The restart of the flights depends on the developments surrounding the corona virus. Due to the exceptional circumstances, Transavia had previously decided to postpone flying from Brussels to March 2021.

Video message from coach Alan Pardew for ADO fans

Coach Alan Pardew of ADO Den Haag has supported the fans of the club in a video message. During the crisis in England, the trainer sits with his family, but is still thinking of the club in The Hague and its supporters. According to Pardew, no one within the club has yet contracted the virus. Furthermore, Pardew called on the fans to stay safe and think about family and friends.

More than a thousand people in intensive care

The number of people in intensive care in the Netherlands with the coronavirus has risen to over a thousand. This is evident from figures from the National Intensive Care Evaluation (NICE). On Monday morning, 1041 people were in intensive care in the Netherlands. The figures for Sunday and Monday are probably still incomplete because new cases are not always immediately reported. 62 of these patients are expected to be infected with the virus but have not yet been officially diagnosed.

‘Little space to catch up with Leiden events’

There is very little space around events that have been canceled in Leiden to catch up later in the year. That says mayor Henri Lenferink to media partner Sleutelstad. According to the mayor, the number of events in the city is already high, so that overtaking events later in the year would put too much pressure on the deployment of the police and the quality of life in the city.

Because all events are prohibited until 1 June, King’s Day, Liberation Day, the Singelloop and the marathon have already been canceled.

Two Westland nursing homes hit by corona

The corona virus was diagnosed on Sunday in two Westland nursing homes. Two residents have been infected at the nursing home De Hoogte Tuinen in Naaldwijk, while the nursing home De Opmaat in Monster has a corona patient. This has been announced by the umbrella care institution Pieter van Foreest.

These are not the first cases of corona at the healthcare institution. For example, the company announced last week that two residents of the Weidevogelhof location in Pijnacker had been infected, as well as a resident of the Veenhage in Nootdorp. The first infections at Pieter van Foreest were also in Westland, near houses in ‘s-Gravenzande and De Lier.

Multiple Arriva bus lines are canceled by coronavirus

Bus company has further modified the timetable due to the coronavirus. As of Monday, buses will no longer run on various lines. It concerns line 39 in Katwijk, lines 210 and 510 between Oegstgeest and Leiden, line 221 between Noordwijk and Leiden, line 230 between Katwijk and Leiden, line 247 between Nieuwveen and Alphen aan den Rijn, line 250 between Lisse and Leiden and line 266 between Roelofarendsveen and Leiden. The night line 800 between Leiden and Zoetermeer no longer runs.

In addition, Arriva has adjusted the timetable on other lines. For example, the buses on line 187 from Leiden to Heineken no longer run the short journeys, the alternative to this is line 7. On line 383, the buses from Krimpen aan den IJssel no longer run to The Hague, but stop at Lanselingerland station. Travelers to The Hague have to change here. Line 385 only runs between Noordwijk and Sassenheim. Travelers to and from The Hague must transfer to Sassenheim or Leiden.

Man has 11-year-old daughter drive a car to do some fun

On Sunday, a man from Rijswijk came up with a special way to entertain his 11-year-old daughter in the corona crisis. He left her on the way to the supermarket to run errands for a car. A police officer happened to be nearby and saw the very young driver. The father told the agent that his daughter deserved some fun in this annoying corona time. The father was fined for driving his daughter.

Leiden Museum Night is canceled

The Museum Night in Leiden has been canceled. The event was to be held in early June. “The health and safety of our visitors has always been our top priority, so now that we can no longer guarantee this, we have decided to cancel the Museum Night,” says the organization.

‘We would like to thank all parties who have been involved in the organization of the Museum Night 2020. No worries, we are already working hard on the next edition behind the scenes! The Museum Night will take place on June 5, 2021 and we hope to see you all here. ”

Dutch airspace is empty

A special moment on Sunday evening: Dutch airspace was completely empty.

Leiden couple are allowed to leave Peru and back to the Netherlands

Last week we wrote about Frank and Marike from Leiden who were stuck in Peru during the lockdown there. They were trapped in a hostel in Lima for two weeks. They were not allowed to go outside and the army patrolled on the street. In fact, it was so strict that people who went for a walk with their dog after 8 PM were arrested.

The duo got some good news. Today they can go home with the first repatriation flight from the South American country. About 650 Dutch people have been detained in Peru since the national Lockdown.

Special corona line for elderly people with a migration background

A special helpline for older people with a migration background has been opened. They can go here for all their questions about the coronavirus, or just to have a chat. Volunteers who also have a migrant background work with the new line of senior organization KBO-PCOB.

The elderly organization already opened a general corona line on March 16, but the organization also decided to open a line for people with a migration background. “In this age of the coronavirus, in which seniors form a risk group, it is important that all seniors in the Netherlands receive the information they need,” explains director Manon Vanderkaa. The number of the new helpline is 030-3400600.

Confidence fades away from retailers, catering and the travel industry

Entrepreneurs in the catering, travel and retail trade have less and less confidence in the economy. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), they estimate the economic climate in the coming months to be significantly more negative, presumably as a result of the new corona virus. Statistics Netherlands notes that the survey for March was largely completed before the cabinet announced strict measures on 12 March to curb the spread of the virus. Entrepreneurs who answered questions after that date were, according to the statistics office, even more pessimistic about the future.

The last time all three were negative about the economic climate in retail, catering and the travel industry was in December 2014. In the travel industry, the number of entrepreneurs expecting a deterioration in the economic climate rose fastest. Approximately 80 percent of the respondents considered the economic climate negative. At the moment, three out of ten entrepreneurs in the hotel and catering industry foresaw a deterioration in the economic climate in the next three months.

On balance, 11 percent of entrepreneurs in the retail trade expected a deterioration in the economic climate. Since the observation began, retail traders have been more negative in March 2013 only.

Police hand out several dozen fines

Agents and enforcers in the region have issued several dozen fines this weekend to people who did not comply with the restrictive measures. That’s what the police say. In general, a spokesperson says people did fine. People who did not follow the rules were first warned. Anyone who still broke the rules afterwards went home with a fine.

Hotline for health workers for protective equipment shortages

The professional organization for nurses and carers NU’91 has launched a hotline for healthcare workers to identify the shortage of protective equipment. There are signs from all over the country that there are not enough mouth masks. Employees can complete a survey until Thursday, and those results will be discussed on Thursday during a consultation with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

As in many other countries, there is a shortage of protective equipment in the Netherlands. Demand is high due to the corona virus. The Netherlands received a shipment of 600,000 mouth masks from China on Saturday, but these were rejected by the ministry.

‘Number of hospital admissions in South Holland rising rapidly’

The number of hospital admissions in South-Holland is rising rapidly, Jacco Wallinga of RIVM tells NOS. Wallinga calls it disturbing and ‘really something to keep an eye on’. Wallinga is head of the infectious diseases modeling department at RIVM. He is involved in analyzing the speed at which the coronavirus spreads in the Netherlands.

Updates in English

The main headlines from Omroep West’s live blog can also be found on the site in English, a platform for expats. This way, people who live here but do not speak Dutch can still keep up to date with the regional news.

Minister Van Rijn talks to Chinese ambassador about mouth masks

Martin van Rijn of Medical Care spoke with the Chinese ambassador on Sunday in The Hague about the shipment of rejected mouth masks from China. The quality of the hundreds of thousands of masks was below par. China is currently the only country that can supply large quantities of mouth masks used to protect against the coronavirus.

Fairground operators (also) have a hard time

Due to the restrictive measures imposed by the government, all fairs have also been canceled. This causes major problems for the fairground operators. Operator Jan Vermolen from The Hague says many operators had just invested their last money in the attractions, because the season was about to start.


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