At 33,244, coronavirus deaths worldwide


At least 33,244 people around the world have died from the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the official Census Bureau’s count. By 22:00 (Greek time) on Sunday night, 697,750 cases of the new coronavirus had been diagnosed in 183 countries and territories. Of these patients, 137,900 are now considered cured.

The number of cases, however, reflects only a fraction of the actual cases, since many countries only perform diagnostic tests on people who need hospitalization.

Compared to the previous report (March 28), deaths increased by 3,241 and incidence by 56,973. The countries that have reported the most deaths in the last 24 hours are Spain (838), Italy (756) and the USA (460). 10.779. At least 13,030 people were cured.

Following Italy are Spain with 6,528 deaths (78,747 cases), mainland China with 3,300 (81,439 cases), Iran with 2,640 (38,309 cases) and France with 2,606 (40,174 cases). The US has the highest number of cases with 132,637 cases. Of these people, 2,351 died and 2,612 died.

Since yesterday, Uruguay, Syria, Bolivia, Mali and New Zealand have been added to the list of countries where coronavirus deaths have been recorded.

In Europe there are 23,864 deaths (382,943 cases in total), 3,792 in Asia (105,573 cases), 2,727 in the Middle East (47,310 cases), 2,414 in the US and Canada, 138,880 cases in Latin America and the Caribbean 287 ( 13,939 cases), in Africa 142 (4,569 cases) and in Oceania 18 (4,537 cases).

  • Sources: RES / AFP.


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