Do you have coronavirus infected at home? Experts advise what to do in such a case and what to avoid Home


Prague Have you found out that a Covid-19 is infected with a housewife and don’t know how to proceed? We have prepared several advice and expert recommendations. For example, not every apartment dwellers must be tested. However, consistent hygiene measures should be taken for granted.

Manelce was not happy at the time, and just that day hygiene called that the course she led was infected with coronavirus. Hygiene nm but did not say what to do long. Can a woman be tested and mm be automatically with three children quarantine? Richard K. from Prague described the lack of clarity on how to proceed. Some of the instructions of the hygienist and contradict each other, we waited in a strange airbrush, poured out.

Isolate nakaenho or all

According to Zde┼łka Jgrov, the director of hygiene bursts, it is optimal to isolate the room and the apartment where it will be poured and equip it with protective equipment. The problem, however, is that even u could infect, nor did it. Sick hunter is the most infectious at the time when he has no symptoms of illness, also the greatest exposure of the virus in the family probably exposed, highlighted for the server hygienist Jgrov.

So if someone in your family is infected with whom you have been in contact with, you will stay quarantined for at least 14 days. You should not go to work, to buy, to go to other public cities. If you have to walk a dog and do not have a neighbor to help you, you take rno and dinner and avoid contact with people.


In principle, it is worn with a contaminated towel. At home often wash and clean especially the bathroom and kitchen several times a day. Disinfect both large areas and washable material as well as mobile phones, amyi keyboards. If you tell the bathroom that it is infected, it should be taken last from the house and cleaned. Only use runners, linen, towels and kitchen utensils. Wash thoroughly in the dishwasher, if necessary with hot water and wash the washing at least 60 degrees Celsius.

If you do not show any symptoms, but you are working as a medical teacher and you need to be in a maternity round, you must undergo control tests at the end of the quarantine period of two days.

Sebemen pznaky? Test

If a hunter in the house is infected with flax, he is given a quarantine home. However, this does not mean that it has to be automatically tested, said Minister of Health Adam Vojtch stating that the system tests only patients with signs of infection and cases are assessed individually.

Director of the Hygienic Station of the City of Prague Zdeka Jgrov.

Being tested for coronavirus makes sense only if you have a symptom of Covid-19 by itch sebemench, stresses hygiene. So if iuvs appear temperature, drowsiness, such a kael, weakness and headache and muscle, call the ambulance at sle 112, advice Jgrov. The ambulance should come to the next day. Nowadays, we have managed to move orders. People over 70 are moving forward in order, so the time should not be long, Jgrov said on the situation in Prague.

If you are recommended by your practitioner and hygiene, you will also be tested at the collection centers in the regions. List of city pick-ups at your local toll-free 1212 line. Do not take public transport to the bag and avoid contact with people.

In quarantine msc? Not

Wife honored weakly, her muscles and head aching. Even hygiene could not be tested if it should be tested. But she wanted to know, because two days before she was talking about her mother and her other people. Hygiene ultimately said that I should be tested, was advised to not have to pay for the tests, explains Richard K. The results should have been known within two days, when the family did not hear from the lab a day or so, they called themselves. So in case of suffocation, the Ministry of Health draws attention. The result of the test for Covid-19 was positive.

Richard K. may have minor symptoms of disease, but after the days passed. He didn’t know the bag if he and their children were to be tested. Preventively he called his practitioner, but he did not advise him so much. I asked if I could test myself. He responded that I probably do not have when the symptoms do not, but that he called for hygiene. Then you heard the test: ‘You are not going to test, but you will be quarantined, and you will have your first negative test, so you will have 14 days quarantine. I was scared that I could be a scarce msc, comments Richard K.

This is one of the reasons why he turned to the hygiene station, which in turn promised to carry out mobile tests for her children. Hygiene Zdena Jgrov but such a long quarantine with the fact that in the case of asymptomatic would last only 14 days.

If the coronavirus hunter is tested, the Jgrov Pedestrian two options: If positive, a control wind will be given after 14 days. If negative, a second control wind was given after 24 and 48 hours. If he is in the heel, he is unlikely to be infected again and eliminated from his wife, said the hygienist.

If you have children in a housewife with infection, you do not need to feel unacceptable according to hygienists, because they are not quirky so much. It happens that they are not born at all. However, 14 days have to be quarantined, just like everyone who was in direct contact with a infected person, Jgrov points out.

Senior with flags to test

Nevertheless, the symptoms of the disease began to feel so mum infected, with her clothes, and with whom do not live in the same house. Itchyn, who is about six years old, has had symptoms, temperatures while Paralenem. Hygiene said that if he had no breath, he could stay at home, Richard K said. It is a candidate for domc test rooms, they should order it on line 112, dictate in the address. In the event that it was above 65 years of age, it is quite appropriate to have it tested, to various Jgrov.


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