Coronavirus penetrates under the mask – a video appeared


How coronavirus penetrates masks: a video has appeared
Coronavirus COVID-19 (RBC-Ukraine collage)

Coronavirus does not fly in the air itself, but in some cases penetrates under a medical mask

Coronavirus COVID-19 penetrates under the mask, therefore, it is impossible to consider such a method of protection reliable. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine showed in a video how a viral infection penetrates the mucous membranes, and also told how the infection spreads.

The department reminded that it is necessary to wear a mask for those who are sick, as well as those who are in close contact with patients, such as doctors.

A mask on the face of a healthy person does not protect against the virus, since droplets of infection after sneezing or coughing a sick person remain in the air for several minutes. They spread to a distance of 1.5 meters.

In addition, the mask does not protect the eye mucosa from the virus. Therefore, the main defense is social self-isolation.

The coronavirus remains on the hands or on different surfaces, so you can get infected by shaking hands or from the handrail in public transport. But it is important to remember that COVID-19 does not penetrate the skin. But touching the hand, on which the virus remained, of the face (mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth, nose) leads to infection.

The Ministry of Health reminded that main ways of spreading coronavirus:

  • a handshake (another close contact)
  • transport handrails, store door handles, elevator buttons, etc.
  • drops after sneezing or coughing a sick person (the virus lives in the air for several minutes).

How to protect yourself from coronavirus:

  • avoid shaking hands and other social contacts,
  • do not touch your face with dirty hands,
  • wash hands with soap more often (treat with antiseptic)

The best way to protect yourself from infection is to maximize social isolation.

How coronavirus penetrates the mask (video:

Recall that in one of the regions of Ukraine it was announced that Ukrainians will begin to be mass tested for coronavirus.


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