Minister of Health: All Bucharest residents will be tested for Covid-19


Patients diagnosed with the new coronavirus will only be admitted to hospitals dedicated to treating this pathology, and by the end of the week at least 30 units will be established throughout the country, said Victor Costache for ProTv News.

“I have endorsed a partnership and a program that will start quickly. We want to test the entire population of Bucharest through a series of teams that will go door to door (from door to door), following the South Korean model. It is very important to do millions of tests. By the end of the week, we will have another 200,000 tests. We started with a single testing center in January and now we have at least 20 and we want to have 1-2 at county level, ”said Health Minister Victor Costache.

In the same context, Nelu Tătaru, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Health, stated at Digi24, that Bucharest is a pilot project, other cities will follow, the purpose is to check the extent of infection of a city.

“We start next week with the medical staff, the patients, and then we will test the population, with each district separately. The elderly population and the people at risk will be tested first, ”stated Nelu Tătaru.

Moreover, tomorrow, patients with mild disease will be moved from the infectious disease sections to hotels, where they will be supervised by doctors.



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