Serbia moves to mass testing for COVID 19 and expands care facilities in stadiums and hotels


Serbia is pursuing intensive tactics in trying to curb the spread of coronavirus, introducing mass testing and expanding care units, the country’s chief epidemiologist, Predrag Kon, said on Tuesday. Agerpres, which cites the DPA.

Anyone who came in contact with an infected person will have to be tested, and not just those with severe symptoms as before, Kon told RTS.

Serbia is trying to accelerate action to combat coronavirus and slow the spread of the epidemic, he said.

The testing will also include those who have been registered in self-isolation, ie about 10,000 people.

Another component of this intensive approach is to identify as many virus carriers as possible and to place them in special hospitals.

For this purpose, in the exhibition hall in Belgrade, there are elevated campaign hospitals, with a capacity of about 3,000 beds.

Similar centers are prepared in stadiums and hotels in the country for those infected, but which do not show severe symptoms. Serious patients will be hospitalized in clinics, with better access to intensive care and respiratory services.

The government switched to the new approach after receiving support in China’s weeekend, including tests and a team of medical experts who worked on the Wuhan outbreak, according to the DPA.

For one week, a ban on leaving the house at night is in force in Serbia. Since Sunday, it has been extended, covering the time range 17.00-05.00.

People over 65 in cities and those over 70 in rural areas can leave the house only on Sunday, for three hours starting at 04.00 am, for shoppers, in shops specially opened for them.

By Tuesday morning, 249 cases of COVID-19 and three deaths were officially reported in Serbia.

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