“I felt a claw in my chest, I lost my senses”


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“I feel pretty good, the evil has passed. But I still have a bit of a cough, I lost my senses, taste and smell, but I hope it comes back. It was like a stronger cold, but not a normal one. A sportsman knows his body well and so do I.
The pains are quite strong, then you feel that claw in your chest. It is a completely new virus, and the body is fighting with an enemy that it does not know “, Maldini explained to Corriere della Sera.

Paolo Maldini believes that the rest of the family also had COVID-19

Maldini believes that the other members of his family were infected, but that they have already recovered, because at the time of the tests, they came out negative:

“Daniel also feels pain and fever, but he is young and has a mild form.

I think the others in my family got infected, but the virus has already come out of them, because the test result was negative. I miss the players, I didn’t see them for 14 days! “, explained the technical director of the Milanese.

Paolo Maldini says Liverpool – Atletico Madrid 2-3 should not be played with spectators in the stands

The former great Italian player thinks it was crazy like the match Liverpool – Atletico Madrid 2-3, from the Champions League, to play with spectators in the stands:
“Football had to be stopped before. It was crazy to play with the open gates Liverpool – Atletico, in the stands with 4,000 Madrid fans from a known outbreak.”, Maldini said.

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