Coronavirus almost eliminates driving lessons 1Limburg


80 percent of driving schools have left work, according to a survey of driving school owners. That means that 20 percent still give driving lessons.
Driving school owner Roger Habets from Wijnandsrade canceled his driving lessons soon after the outbreak of the coronavirus. “On March 16, the cabinet announced measures. The day after, I immediately stopped teaching,” said Habets. “I did that for the health of my students and myself.”
According to Habets and many of his colleagues, the risks in the car are too great. “It is not possible to keep a meter and a half away in a car. Or I have to sit in the back seat,” he explains. “And that is not really safe.” According to him, the students reacted disappointed. “But they understood my decision to quit. Health is the most important thing.”
A line
Still, one in five driving school owners will continue as usual. “That is a pity,” says Habets. “We should have drawn a line as a sector and stopped driving. But even the industry associations have not called for quitting. ”
The fact that driving schools continue to drive has to do with finances. The survey of the magazine for driving school owners shows that a third of driving school owners fear for their survival. He cannot yet say how big the financial consequences will be for Habets. “But it shouldn’t take too long.”


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