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In the meantime, 48 people in Limburg have died from the effects of the corona virus. That is double compared to Friday.
The two GGDs in Limburg announced that there were 24 deaths this weekend.
Passed away
Six people died from the corona virus this weekend in the GGD region of Limburg-Noord. It concerns four residents of Peel en Maas, one person from Echt-Susteren and a resident of Roermond. The youngest deceased this weekend was 55 years old, the oldest 92. This brings the total number of deaths in this region to date to eighteen.
To date, 30 inhabitants have died in South Limburg after being infected with the corona virus. That means that eighteen people died in this region this weekend. It is not known from which municipalities the deceased come.
In the province, 479 people have now officially been infected or infected with the corona virus. This means that 42 new confirmed infections have been added since Sunday. Vaals is the only Limburg municipality where no one has yet been tested positive. At least one confirmed corona patient is known in all other municipalities.
The municipality of Peel en Maas seems to be most affected. There, 69 people have been tested positive so far. In addition, four residents of this municipality died of the corona virus this weekend.
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More infections
The actual number of infections with the new coronavirus is higher than the number mentioned here. This is because not everyone is tested with possible infection, but especially patients who are so ill that they are hospitalized and caregivers.


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