Covid-19 Recovery: What are the health issues and the risk of re-infection


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Doctors in Hong Kong find decreased lung function and constant shortness of breath in some patients recovering from Covid-19 - Covid-19 recovery: what are the health issues and risk of re-infection

Doctors in Hong Kong find decreased lung function and persistent shortness of breath in some patients recovering from Covid-19

Some of the patients who recovered from Covid-19 infection have been diagnosed with lung eclipse by Chinese scientists, which may indicate damage to the organ. However, there is also good news: the likelihood of having a coronavirus again is very low.

About it writes DW.

It is noted that in the coming months, the researchers will find out whether patients who have recovered from Covid-19 will have some delayed effects of the disease. First of all, the focus is on the lungs. Because the new causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 primarily affects the internal respiratory tract, those who suffer from severe or moderate disease mainly suffer from dry cough, shortness of breath and / or pneumonia.

However, it is possible that health problems can continue after recovery. Doctors in Hong Kong found decreased lung function and persistent shortness of breath in some patients recovering from Covid-19. Although the study was conducted in a relatively small group, but its results provide the first evidence that post-disease effects may have delayed effects.

“For some patients, lung function after recovery could be reduced by about 20-30%,” says Dr. Owen Tsang Tak-ying, medical director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Hong Kong. “They gasp when they start going a little faster.”

Some patients underwent pulmonary computed tomography, which may indicate organ damage. Previously, similar effects of the disease were also observed during studies in Chinese Wuhan earlier this February. In one of the studies conducted at a hospital at Wuhan University, 140 pictures of patients’ lungs were analyzed and their eclipses were established in all cases.

Further studies of people who have been cured of Covid-19 should now show whether they develop pulmonary fibrosis, which causes inflammation of the connective tissues in the lungs. This leads to pathological reproduction of connective tissues between the alveoli of the lungs and the blood vessels around them.

Because of this, oxygen gets into the blood vessels, the lungs become stiffer, and the breath becomes shallow and frequent. The consequences are respiratory distress, shortness of breath and dry reflex cough, physical disability, and even day-to-day work becomes difficult for a person.

It is known that lung fibrosis is not treated because the lung tissues that have undergone scarring are no longer recovering. But the development of pulmonary fibrosis can be delayed or even stopped if diagnosed in time.

It is also worth noting that most experts are convinced that people who have Covid-19 and have recovered have immunity to the new Sars-CoV-2 virus afterwards. In the end, the human immune system, during infection, produced just those antibodies that neutralized the pathogen.

This also applies to people who have had the disease in mild form, with or without mild symptoms. Despite this, their immune system responded to the virus and produced the appropriate antibodies. Therefore, new coronavirus infection is highly unlikely for people who have already contracted it, doctors say.

Recall that in Ukraine as of Saturday evening, 47 cases of coronavirus disease were recorded.

Earlier in the Ministry of Health stated that to hope that the virus will bypass Ukraine, is wrong.

By the way, the Council may impose a state of emergency in Ukraine on March 24.

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