LIVEBLOG CORONAVIRUS SATURDAY: ‘Go Rummikubben or Ganzeborden’, says angry mayor Eindhoven


The most important facts:

  • The number of registered corona infections in Brabant increased by 168 on Saturday compared to a day earlier. This is evident from the daily update of RIVM.
  • Brabant now has a total of 1180 patients with coronavirus diagnosed.
  • Hospitals in Brabant are busy putting patients in hospitals elsewhere in the country. The pressure on hospitals, especially on the intensive care units, is too high.
  • Read all the news about the coronavirus our special theme page.

Because of the corona virus, the pub is closed, so Cafe de Stap organized in Luyksgestel a pub quiz via the internet.

John Jorritsma, mayor of Eindhoven, also speaks out against the large amount of people who went out today. “Incredibly naive figures who go to the hardware stores, environmental streets, city parks, beaches or anywhere else out of boredom! Go Rummikubben, Goose boards, Netflix … Think something up, but stay at home, limit your social contacts. Show yourself responsible for society. ” If people do not follow the rules, stricter measures will follow, RIVM said. On social media, more and more politicians seem to be leaning towards a lockdown.

The residents of care center Het Laar were surprised today by a performance by this singer.

Nurse Nicole will help ETZ in Tilburg next week, but has no bicycle to get to work because it has been stolen. There is a crowdfunding started to help her.



Virologist Ab Osterhaus argues for handing out fines if people don’t keep enough distance from each other.

The crucial question in the fight against the coronavirus is: are there enough beds in the intensive care units of Dutch hospitals? There are now 354 people in intensive care (IC) in the Netherlands, reports the NOS.

The closing of the border creates problems for entrepreneurs. “We can no longer provide our Dutch customers with eggs. This touches our heart,” says this entrepreneur in Meer, Belgium.


The cabinet is expanding the temporary ban on flying because of the corona virus. Also flights from Spain are excluded, except for “planned and unplanned” flights with only Dutch people on board who come back to our country and some other exceptions, such as the transport of medical personnel.

The Dutch cycling federation KNWU is the first major sports association in the Netherlands to speak out against the continuation of the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer. “In the current world conditions, we consider it unwise and almost irresponsible for athletes and their coaches here and around the world to continue preparing for the Games under terribly difficult and unhealthy conditions,” said KNWU President Marcel Wintels.

Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) visited the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital and the Regional Coordination Center in Tilburg on Saturday afternoon. He let himself be updated on the state of affairs there, including on patient transport. Earlier in the day he had already visited the Bernhoven Hospital in Uden.

The border between Galder and Belgium has been cordoned off with containers near café Moskes. Containers have also been placed at the border between Chaam and Meerle.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ helpline receives 10,000 telephone calls daily from Dutch stranded Dutch people and their families about returning to our country. The travel information and advice website has been visited more than seven million times in the past week. Stranded Dutch people can contact the helpline 24 hours a day, seven days a week on +31 (0) 247 247 247.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge paid a working visit to Bernhoven hospital in Uden on Saturday.

“We have had a terrible week and I suspect that we may have to see it again at the end of next week. And then we are not yet through the corona crisis.” That said Commissioner of King Wim van de Donk Saturday in the radio program Graat & De Laat of Omroep Brabant.

In Italy, nearly 800 people have died from the effects of the corona virus since Friday. That is the highest number in a day since the outbreak of the virus in the country.

You will no longer cross the border at Horendonk, maintainers from Rucphen report. At Baarle-Nassau, a reporter succeeded today.


The fifth edition of the Eindhoven Box Cup is canceled due to the corona virus. The organization cannot guarantee the safety of participants, officials, volunteers and spectators.

The number of people who went out into nature on Saturday is larger than normal. According to a spokeswoman for Natuurmonumenten, it can be compared to a beautiful Easter weekend. It is very busy in North Brabant and especially in the nature areas Kampina, De Loonse and Drunens Duinen and the Oisterwijkse Bossen.

In order to carry out the best possible fight against the coronavirus, a sports hall in Best has been transformed into an isolation post. Anyone who wants to visit the doctor and has flu symptoms should not come to the general practice, but reports in the sports hall Naamenbest.

Mails arrive at the Red Cross with offers of medical devices. There is a full response to a call for this from the aid organization. There are also many calls on the special Red Cross Helpline with questions about the corona virus. Almost 12,000 calls were made in the first week.

At Baarle-Nassau you can just cross the border to refuel, a reporter concluded today. It is difficult to maintain in the village where the border is zigzagging.

The police chief of the Zeeland-West Brabant regional unit rings the bell.

“It feels like a war situation. It feels like an absolute crisis.”

EenVandaag visited the isolated department in Bernhoven hospital in Uden. The hospital wants the Netherlands with the video and the article show what the ‘enormous consequences’ are for the staff.

Does anyone know who sent this? Contact the ambulance service in Brabant, via RAV Brabant MWN.

On the first day of the special basic timetable of the Dutch Railways it is still quite busy in various places in the country. NS CEO Roger van Boxtel emphasizes that traveling by train is currently not intended as a day trip, but that the trains continue to run to bring people in vital functions – such as healthcare – to work.

Also in the municipality of Woensdrecht has now detected an initial contamination. Mayor Steven Adriaansen: “The person in question is currently being treated at the Bravis hospital. I have already had contact with the family and communicated my get well wishes. ”

500 to 700 corona patients have to go to hospitals outside Brabant. This figure is reported by the providers of acute care, who are involved in the Regional Consultation Acute Care Chain (ROAZ). This concerns both patients who require intensive care and patients who are less serious. Brabant is still a leader when it comes to corona infections and intensive care units are overcrowded, while there is still room elsewhere.

Three patients have now been transferred from Bernhoven hospital in Uden to Deventer. A patient has also been taken over from the St. Anna Hospital in Geldrop. Next week a number of oncological patients will also be brought from Bernhoven to Deventer. Nationally, a ‘buddy system’ has been organized, in which hospitals in the south and north support each other. Deventer Hospital is a ‘buddy’ for Bernhoven.

A few hundred people came to the house of the mop orchestra musician Hans Hamers, who died this week. The association man died in heart and soul, not by corona, last week at age 57 after a long illness. But because of the corona crisis, a large funeral with many people is not allowed.

“It is actually inhumane, such a funeral with hardly any people there,” says a woman who helps form the guard of honor at his house. A striking number of people come to say goodbye to Hans with white balloons.

The municipality of Den Bosch calls for donating masks and aprons. The collection point is at WeenerXL. These are disposable aprons and medical masks. So not about dust masks.

In other news: advice from the brothers in blue.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) Chairman Thomas Bach will continue to make every effort to ensure that the Olympic Games continue as planned. “Because if we have to cancel the Games, it would brutally disrupt the Olympic dream of 11,000 athletes and 206 national Olympic committees,” he said in the German media. “Canceling would also be an unfair solution.”

There is also slightly better news. About 690,000 face masks arrived at Schiphol on Saturday. It is the first shipment of a multi-million dollar order from China, the Ministry of Health reports. The mouth masks are immediately distributed via a special distribution point and ‘brought to the places where they are most needed’.

Also the national figures. In one day, 30 people died in the Netherlands. This brings the total number of deaths to 136. Furthermore, since Friday 637 people have been tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of infections nationwide to 3631. The age of the deceased is between 63 and 95. Most of the deceased are between 80 and 84 years old.

The total number of contamination in the Netherlands on Saturday rose to 3631. In the past 24 hours, 637 new positive tests were added nationwide.

The number of registered corona infections in Brabant increased by 168 on Saturday compared to a day earlier. This is evident from the daily update of RIVM. Brabant now has a total of 1180 patients with coronavirus diagnosed.

Five people with the coronavirus infected are in intensive care in Breda, will be transferred to hospitals in the north on Saturday. This was announced by the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). These are patients who are currently being treated on the ICU of the Amphia hospital in Breda. On Friday, some infected people were also transferred to hospitals in the north.

Grandpa Gerard is going through a very difficult period. He is demented, cannot receive a visit because of the coronavirus the Eindhoven nursing home where he lives and his wife died last week. To relieve him and to congratulate him on his upcoming ninetieth birthday, his relatives hung a banner across the nursing home on Saturday.

Since Friday evening, Bravis Hospital has also hung large posters at both locations. On those posters, people can write statements of support for staff. In addition, a special internet page made to share these messages with everyone.

“The initiative is widely embraced. On Saturday morning, fifty sweet messages and compliments had already been posted, for which we are very grateful,” said the hospital.

The number of corona patients in the Bravis Hospital in Roosendaal has increased significantly in the past 24 hours. There are currently 22 patients who have tested positive for the coronavirus in the Bravis hospital, 11 of whom are new patients. There are 3 proven corona patients in the ICU.

“At the moment, there are still enough beds and staff to properly care for the number of infected patients. The number of materials is becoming increasingly urgent. Together with the other hospitals in the region, a solution is being sought,” the hospital said.

Anger, worry and goosebumps. These feelings were released by Rob Jetten when he visited Bernhoven Hospital in Uden on Friday. He cannot accept that other hospitals have refused to take over patients from Uden, among others. The D66 group chairman in the House of Representatives said on Saturday afternoon that he was concerned about the workload in the hospital in the Radio 2 program Spijkers met Koppen.

A hotel in Uden has several rooms arranged as a temporary delivery room. That said midwife Kirsten Schatorjé on Friday evening in television program Op1. The midwifery rooms in the hotel are a solution to the increased pressure in Bernhoven hospital due to the admission of many corona patients.


The Elkerliek Hospital in Helmond has meanwhile transferred eight corona patients and three intensive care patients to hospitals elsewhere in the country. “We are being helped fantastically by other hospitals. As a result, we have new places available for new patients,” said a spokesperson. At least six transfers will follow today.

No dancing, smiling and intoxicated people as a street scene this weekend in Breda. Due to the mandatory closure of the catering industry is the always bustling city center become a quiet area. To prevent vandalism and looting, Bram Oei and Remco Theulen of SfeerBeheer are not hosts for the time being, but guards.

Monique (26) and her father Bert (62) live under the same roof, but they have not seen each other for days because of the corona crisis. Her father is in the risk group and Monique has the flu. As a precaution, she locked herself in her bedroom. “Now we play games via video calling together.”


The special basic timetable introduced by the Dutch Railways on Saturday is going according to plan. The NS says that the number of train passengers is about 10 percent of the normal number due to the corona measures. NS and ProRail want to use the basic timetable to ensure that people with a vital occupation or people who are forced to travel for another reason can take the train.

Several hospitals in the Netherlands Denied last week to take over patients from hospitals in Brabant. Bart Berden, chairman of the board of the Elisabeth TweeSteden hospital, says this in an interview with de Volkskrant. “Hospitals outside Brabant did not realize enough what corona means.”

At the Amphia Hospital in Breda, another patient died on Friday from COVID-19, the disease that transmits the new coronavirus. The total number of deaths in the hospital is now ten.

Six people with the disease were transferred to other hospitals on Friday. The hospital now cares for 50 patients with the virus and 25 patients suspected of being infected.

About 3600 catering businesses open their doors online on Saturday. Visitors can use the Help platform to buy vouchers for their favorite catering business, which they can use to provide revenue to bar owners and other catering operators. They are hit hard by the new coronavirus because they are obliged to keep their doors closed.

The first shipment of face masks from China from the Alibaba Foundation and the Jack Ma Foundation, destined for the Netherlands, arrived at Liège airport on Saturday morning. A second delivery of face masks, protective clothing and test kits will follow soon, the foundations affiliated with the Chinese web store giant promised.

The counter with the number of corona patients in Brabant in Groningen is eight after Friday, but that will change quickly. This weekend, another seventy patients from hospitals in Brabant will be transferred to hospitals in the Northern Netherlands. The Regional Consultation Acute Care (ROAZ) in the Northern Netherlands has decided that RTV North.

Hospitals outside Brabant have refused the transfer of several patients from Brabant hospitals in recent days. They did not want to admit them to their intensive care units or other wards. In de Volkskrant let board chairman Bart Berden of the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital in Tilburg know that a hospital refused a patient because it was not an academic patient. According to him, another hospital demanded that a patient be corona-free before being received.


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