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March 21, 09:30

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Sputnik / Mikhail Klimentyev / Kremlin

Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Mishustin and Sergey Sobyanin at the center for monitoring the situation with the coronavirus

To date, the official number of coronavirus cases in Russia is barely exceeded a couple of hundred people, and Russian President Vladimir Putin assures the stability of the situation. Political observer HB Ivan Yakovina explains what is wrong with these numbers and why a pandemic could destroy the power of the Kremlin’s master.

As until recently in Iran, in Russia there were formally about 100 cases of coronavirus, that is, the authorities did not report the real picture of what was happening. But the Russian media themselves write every now and then – just open the website of any news agency of any Russian region – about thousands (and if the region is not large, then about hundreds) of people who suddenly became ill with an acute respiratory viral infection, SARS. Under the acronym ARVI is now in the Russian Federation and hides the incidence of coronavirus, because the word coronavirus “to doctors is absolutely forbidden.

The fact is that the Russian authorities throughout the pandemic told citizens that nothing bad was happening (By the way, just like the Iranians), they have nothing to fear and no quarantine, of course, “is not needed.” Russian President Vladimir Putin is very afraid that people will begin to fear this virus and, in general, the fear of death will become so strong that it will be stronger than the fear of Putin himself.

There is logic in his thoughts: in an authoritarian country, the one whom everyone else is most afraid of is always ruled. If this is a dictator, then people are afraid of his special services, police and other structures; and if this is no longer a dictator, but someone or something else, then his power begins to crumble, as people begin to fear something else. In authoritarian societies, the only motivation for subordinating people to power is fear. When it disappears or is supplanted by some more serious fear, then the power, respectively, disappears.

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