In Stavropol, they talked about the condition of the doctor with suspected COVID-19


Details of the condition of the doctor in Stavropol became known, in which the coronavirus COVID-19 is suspected. According to the governor of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov, there is no threat to her life.

– She is in intensive care, in a state of moderate severity. Doctors fight for her life. And we are waiting for confirmation or refutation of the diagnosis from the Novosibirsk laboratory, – said the head of the region on his page in Instagram.

The governor also confirmed the information that appeared in the media and networks that this is, indeed, the main infectious disease specialist in the Stavropol Territory. In response to a comment by one of the residents of the region, who asked how it turned out that the woman did not go through quarantine after returning from abroad, the head of the region replied that he would “ask the patient herself.”

“Because she is irresponsible. She will recover, I’ll ask her,” the governor said.

In turn, the deputy head of the regional Ministry of Health Olga Drozdetskaya noted that the circle of people with whom the patient had contact was already determined.

– For 14 days, people will conduct quarantine activities. But there is still no final confirmation of the diagnosis, she said today at a briefing in Stavropol.

Drozdetskaya also added that now the patient’s condition has improved, in the morning she was disconnected from the mechanical ventilation apparatus.

Recall, on the eve it became known that in the Stavropol Territory in one person a test for coronavirus gave a positive result. To confirm the results of the examination, the samples were sent to the SSC “Vector” in Novosibirsk.


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