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The Japanese Ministry of Health has yet to approve the drug.

Chinese doctors noticed that the drug used in Japan to treat new strains of influenza turned out to be effective for patients infected with coronavirus infection.

This publication reports The guardian.

Zhang Xinmin, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, said a drug called Favipiravir (brand name Avigan), developed by a subsidiary of Fujifilm, has given encouraging results in clinical trials involving 340 patients in Wuhan and Shenzhen.

“It has a high degree of safety and is clearly effective in treatment,” Zhang said.

Patients who were given medication in Shenzhen gave a negative test result for the virus on average four days after infection, while those who did not take the medication received an average of eleven, NHK reported.

Moreover, x-rays confirmed an improvement in lung condition in approximately 91% of patients treated with Favipiravir, compared with a 62% improvement without the drug.

Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, the company that developed the drug – also known as Avigan – declined to comment on these statements.

However, shares of this firm rose after Zhang’s comments.

It is noted that doctors in Japan are already using the drug in clinical trials on patients with coronavirus with mild or moderate symptoms, hoping that this will help prevent the virus from multiplying and stop the course of the disease.

But the Japanese Ministry of Health is still cautious of such news. According to a source from the ministry, the drug is not so effective in people with more severe symptoms. “It doesn’t seem to work so well when the virus has already multiplied,” Mainichi Shimbun said in an interview.

Favipiravir will require approval by the Government of Japan for full use on patients with Covid-19. This may happen in May. “But if the results of clinical trials are delayed, approval may also be delayed,” the source said.

Earlier TSN.Ua understood, can ukrainian drops cure coronavirus.

Recall virus outbreak started with a seafood and animal market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. It causes symptoms similar to colds, but quickly affects the lungs and other organs. The pathogen belongs to a large family of coronaviruses. The disease has spread to dozens of countries.

The World Health Organization has officially named the new killer coronavirus from China – COVID-19. In China itself, it used to be called NCP (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia), which means pneumonia, which is caused by a new type of coronavirus. The first vaccine for this type of coronavirus will appear no earlier than in a year and a half.

Seem to be, outbreak source of coronavirus. At the same time, it is known that the virus can be transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets. There are suspicions that the disease can be transmitted even in the incubation period, when its carrier does not suspect that it is infected.

In Ukraine, March 3, Deputy Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko said that in Chernivtsi recorded the first case of COVID-19 infection. The infection was found in a man who returned from Italy. On the evening of March 12 two more cases of coronavirus infection officially confirmed in Ukraine. Infections were recorded in the Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr regions. A woman from the Zhytomyr region died of infection, becoming the first victim of COVID-19 in Ukraine. In the Chernivtsi region March 16 laboratory two more cases were confirmed infection with a new coronavirus.

Basic recommendations for avoiding coronavirus infection:

  • avoid contact with animals;
  • Do not eat raw or poorly processed meat;
  • avoid contact with people who have signs of the disease;
  • wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

What is known about the mysterious illness, how it arose and why it causes concern among physicians – read in the material TSN.Ua.


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