Coronavirus was discovered in a resident of Ivanovo Oblast – Russian newspaper


A rapid test showed the presence of coronavirus in a resident of the Ivanovo region, reports RIA News with reference to the regional health department.

The first case of coronavirus was detected in the Ivanovo region according to the results of rapid testing.

– To clarify the diagnosis, the tests were sent to Novosibirsk, the report said.

According to the regional government, according to state of at 8 o’clock in the morning on March 18 in the Ivanovo Region there was not a single case of a new coronavirus infection. Moreover, since January 29, 76 people have been under the supervision of doctors. Of these, 36 people were discharged after a 14-day quarantine. 40 people remained under home supervision, among whom 19 returned from Italy, three from South Korea, two from China, six from Spain, one from Iran, two from France, seven from Germany.

To prevent the spread of the disease in the region since March 18 introduced high alert and banned all public events with the number of participants more than 100 people. All universities and colleges are transferred to distance learning, and schools are closed for quarantine.

In kindergartens and social services organizations have introduced a special regime with daily temperature measurement for babies. At stations and airports, temperature is mandatory for all passengers arriving from other regions. Employees of enterprises are recommended to refrain from business trips. Bars, cafes and restaurants were advised to “disperse” visitors and arrange tables at a distance of at least one meter from each other.

In case of an outbreak in the Ivanovo region, 300 infectious beds were prepared, including 25 of the boxed type. If the mass admission of patients begins, officials promised to promptly deploy an additional 662 beds during the day.

To provide resuscitation departments with a sufficient number of ventilators, the regional government allocated an additional 115 million rubles to purchase the necessary equipment. Polyclinics and hospitals have created a three-month supply of masks, medicines and disinfectants. Epidemiologists have more than 550 test systems for diagnosing coronavirus. To prevent a shortage of masks, one of the local enterprises agreed to issue an additional batch for the needs of the Ivanovo region.

In order to timely inform residents of the region about changes in the epidemiological situation and preventive measures, a “hot line” was opened in the Department of Health. By phone (4932) 93-97-97 consultation is available around the clock.


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