What are the measures taken by Turkey against the technology company in Corona virus outbreak?


In the past weeks, we have told you in detail how the corona virus outbreak affects technology companies. The numbers we shared about the outbreak that day have now reached much more serious levels. In total as of now Nearly 170 thousand infected patients and more than 6,500 deaths existing and unfortunately these numbers continue to increase day by day. As the situation increases its severity, the measures taken in all areas continue to increase.

Working from home is becoming widespread, both globally and in our country

We can say that the technology sector is one of the sectors that started taking these measures at the earliest. Because, many big and small technology companies including technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter encourage their staff to work from home. Many companies also state that there will be no fee cuts during this period. Although work permits from home have a specific expiration date, increased cases of infected cause these dates to change, and the time worked from home is slightly longer.

The method of working from home started to be preferred in our country, which has recently met with the corona virus outbreak, and now has 18 cases. Food basket, GittiGidiyor, Communication Partner, ING, IBTech Many companies have gone on to work at home full time. SoftTech, Garanti Technology and QNB Finansbank In organizations such as, depending on the department, the method of working from home is preferred. Although the general directorates of the banks have switched to work from home, the branches are still continuing. As a Webrazzi team, let us remind you that we will work from home until March 30. We can say that this is a very important choice, because experts warn people, especially about staying at home.

Meanwhile, Arda Sacred has a questionnaire on the subject. We will make another news about the questionnaire with close to 10 thousand participants.

Event transactions and cancellations

In addition to working from home, many events are canceled or postponed. We can say that this process, which started with the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress globally, resulted in the cancellation or postponement of almost all events. However, some events continue to be held online.

Travel bans are increasing

Travel bans appear as another precaution. Many companies prohibited their employees from traveling to countries such as China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, where the virus was common. The list of these countries is increasing day by day, already some countries prefer to close their border gates while canceling all their flights. The technology company, which does not want to travel abroad in general, says that if a travel will take place, its employee should stay at home for 14 days.

Extra measures taken by companies in our country

There are also some measures that the company takes individually. For example; Contactless delivery application was launched in Yemeksepeti and Banabi. According to this, users will make their payments online with their contactless delivery option in Yemeksepeti and Banabi, allowing their orders to be hung at the door. Thus, the contact with another person will be minimized. Let us also remind you that three ministries have been given permission to work from home. In this context, it was stated that Technopark and R&D design center staff can work from home with the decision of the Ministry. Turkey Business Bank, all meetings of the company was carrying OnLine. We can say that the common working areas in our country have taken some precautions against the corona virus epidemic.

Stores are temporarily closed

While corporate life is like this, technology companies also make some changes in the retail field. For example, Apple has decided to close all its stores globally, except for stores in China, where there are no infected cases at this time. Apple also announced that its sick employees can use unlimited leaves. Apple CEO Tim Cook, in his statement, underlined that many Apple employees around the world do not have to go to the offices and suggested that they work from home.

In summary, it is possible to say that the measures taken against the corona virus epidemic in the technology sector are increasing day by day. Although these measures are an important step in the spread of the outbreak, we are eagerly awaiting the good news from the authorities to completely eliminate the outbreak.


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