the best memes on toilet paper


Since last Monday the image of all the supermarkets in Spain has been the same: empty shelves and cars to overflow. If there is something that has caught the attention of all citizens a lot, it is how the first thing that ran out in stores was toilet paper. So, how could it be otherwise, hundreds of toilet paper memes.

It’s amazing how the coronavirus outbreak has turned toilet paper from being a product we did not attach the slightest importance to being a “luxury” item. Thus, a Twitter user could not have come up with a better idea than comparing toilet paper with Ham.

And what about this toilet paper meme that is circulating around Twitter? Although it may seem crazy, perhaps the day will come when it will be sold on platforms such as Wallapop.

This is one of the memes that you liked the most. We can see how two farmers plant toilet paper, perhaps so that it grows and multiplies, and thus be able to sell it in the future. It’s not a bad idea!

There have also been those who have shared on Twitter images of people taking various toilet paper packages their houses. But why do they buy so many?

As we said, before the coronavirus outbreak and the Alarm State, toilet paper was a product that we did not care about. We even threw it in the football fields!

If you have also bought more toilet paper than you need, this is a good one. exercise routine to do at home while quarantine lasts.

And finally, this meme that compares the situation in Mercadona with the apocalypse. Everyone struggling to get toilet paper, while whoever has it runs away victorious.


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