Increased number of Corona Virus cases in Kuwait and Jordan


Kuwaiti Ministry of Health Spokesperson Abdullah es-Sened announced at the press conference that the number of people identified in the country Kovid-19 increased by 11 to 123.

The Ministry of Health had previously stated that Kovid-19 cases were 112 in the country.

On the other hand, the news, which Jordan official news agency PETRA bases on hospital resources, stated that 3 more cases were encountered in the country.

Two of the mentioned persons were recorded to have a father and daughter returning from Spain a week ago, while no information was given about another person.

The latest statement from the Jordanian Ministry of Health noted that the number of Kovid-19 cases identified in the country was 12.

The Amman administration took a number of measures, such as interrupting education and closing borders as part of combating Kovid-19.


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