the list of places that are closed and those that remain open


Édouard Philippe announced on Saturday evening that France was
passed to stage 3 of the covid-19 epidemic, which means that the virus
now circulates throughout the territory. Prime Minister also said
than all places not essential to daily life had to close, and not
not reopen until further notice.

A decree published in the Journal
Official specifies that the shops and public places concerned will be closed
until April 15. A renewable prescription if the coronavirus epidemic is not curbed by then.

The event industry is particularly affected through
these containment measures. That of tourism also since the
restaurants and hotel bars are on the list, and ski resorts too. The
winter sports season therefore ends almost a month before the scheduled date.

Places that are closed

All restaurants, bars, night clubs, cinemas and others
leisure places must close until April 15 minimum.

The hearing rooms,
conferences, meetings, shows or multipurpose, centers
commercial, dance and sports halls (fitness type), all
indoor sports establishments, winter sports resorts, sports halls
games, libraries, documentation centers, exhibition halls
and museums.

As a reminder, nurseries, schools, colleges, high schools and universities are also closed, for now until 29

Those who stay open

As Édouard Philippe said on Saturday evening “all
services essential to the life of citizens will remain open “
. What
means that food stores (supermarkets, bakeries,
butchers, fishmongers …), pharmacies, banks and stations
essences are readily available. Tobacco-press offices are also on the

If the restaurants and drinking places can no longer accommodate the public, these establishments are authorized to maintain their take-out and delivery activities. Platforms like UberEats or Deliveroo can continue their activity, as well as fast-food drives.

The hotels remain open but the hotel bars and restaurants can no longer accommodate the public. Places of worship also remain open but all
ceremonies and all gatherings should be postponed.

To note that urban transport continues to operate
but it is advisable to avoid them as much as possible
. In Paris, metro traffic
will be reduced from Monday March 16 and will operate at 80% of its capacity. Long distance transport (trains, coach, planes) will be gradually reduced.

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