In Strakonice, the whole health center with 50 nurses will be closed. Coronavir infected one of the drugs Home


Strakonice The clinic in Strakonice is infected with coronavirus. The polyclinic, a private zazen, will enter those days and will be disinfected. The city has 16 stamps. About 50 nurses work in the health center. The city council will be closed from Monday, only some will work.


In the Czech Republic it is a few cases, when there is a medical doctor, two doctors are infected in Olomouc.It is the doctor who ordained, is in the home environment. The polyclinic decided to close the building and provide sanitation, said South Bohemian governor Ivana Strsk (SSD). Mayor Betislav Hrdlika (Strakonick Public) confirmed the information.

In Strakonice, an extraordinary council of the town has been meeting since. Tomorrow (on Monday) we close the stamps, said Hrdlička. The server pointed out the case of infected infections.

The polyclinic in Bezdkovsk Street will be closed at least until 18th March. In the meantime, one case of COVID-19 has been confirmed. From Monday, March 16, the city council will be closed, the city council spokeswoman Mark Buokov told the press first. Only the selected departments will be able to work in the department of internal affairs: registry office, identity cards and travel documents, population records. The Transport Department will issue ID cards. The town hall urged the citizens to put off the prisoner long enough.

The Strakonice Hospital, which is being set up by the South Bohemian Region, will restrict surgery and follow-up for patients who were due to go to the so-called suspensive hospital, said the director of the Strakonice Hospital Tom Fiala. We will not postpone cancer patients with cancer. The health center will be closed for three days, the hospital director added.

Nowadays, in the South-Bohemian region, COVID-19 is the case. It’s about four times the 13th. On Saturday, hygienists took 39 samples with suspicion of coronavirus, of which four were positive and one mue. On Sunday it was announced by the head of the eskobudjovice regional hygiene station Kvetoslava Kotrbov.

Southwest medical professionals in the region meanwhile carried out about 250 people perish. Hygienists in the South Bohemian Region have been in favor of about 300 preventive two-day quarantine houses from the Norwegian. According to them, most of the people who drove into the Czech Republic after their stay in Italy.

There are 231 confirmed cases of infection with a new coronavirus, and I believe that the number of people may exceed 300, said Andrej Babi (YES) on Prima TV. Due to another new type of coronavirus, the Czech Republic has quarantined quarantine.



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