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Mexico announced a battery of measures to deal with the coronavirus, including the suspension of classes, of non-essential public and private activities and the suggestion to its citizens to restrict travel abroad., in a day in which the number of infected people went from 26 to 41.

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The government canceled classes at all levels from March 23 to April 19 and recommended that people who engage in non-essential activities in the public and private sector throughout the country stop going to their workplace during that same period. “We are recommending this for non-essential activities involving the gathering of people or the mobility of people,” Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo López-Gatell said at a press conference.

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The official recommended reducing transfers between different geographic regions of the country and especially to other countries. He also asked to reschedule the events of massive concentration of more than 5,000 people and gives special attention to older adults.

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The Ministry of Foreign Relations, on their side, issued a statement in which asked Mexicans to restrict their travel abroad to avoid “logistical difficulties” in other countries.

The foreign ministry also suggested that Mexicans plan to return to the country in the short term “consider using the commercial options that are currently available” and heed the “indications adopted by local authorities” in other countries for the coronavirus.

Earlier, the Secretary of Public Education, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán determined “to advance the Easter school holidays” by 10 days. The school vacation period was scheduled from April 6 to 19. The official explained that on the four days that children will attend school next week (Monday is a holiday), three prevention filters will be applied.

The first will consist of asking parents for a sheet stating that their children do not have a high temperature, that they washed their hands before leaving home and that they do not present a cough or headache.. A second filter will be made by school authorities at the entrance of the school and the third verification will be done by teachers in classrooms.

“With a single COVID-19 case in one school, the school would be closed,” said the secretary. The suspension of classes will be applied in more than 274,000 schools throughout the country of basic, middle and higher education.. Although several massive events began to be canceled since Thursday, this weekend the massive Vive Latino is held, the largest rock festival in Latin America, which is expected to attend about 140,000 people.



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