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The number of infected people rose to 191. Events with more than 100 people were banned nationwide. A large wedding party had to cancel their celebration.

The most important messages:

+++ wedding in Kelkheim canceled +++

In addition to a wedding in Hattersheim (Main-Taunus), the police also dissolved a wedding in neighboring Kelkheim on Saturday. According to a message from early Sunday morning, almost 400 guests were also present at this event. The celebrations could be ended without any special occurrences.

+++ behavior tips for the crisis +++

Are hamster purchases really necessary? How is Germany prepared for a crisis? Does it make sense that public life is stopped? In the hessenschau, crisis researcher Frank Roselieb explains how to behave in the days of the corona virus. And what everyone can learn from this crisis.

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+++ Anti-Corona Initiative from Northern Hesse +++

The youth organizations of the CDU, FDP, Linke, SPD and Greens from the Werra-Meißner district have a common one initiative started to contain the coronavirus. In a message that has already been shared hundreds of times on Twitter, they appealed to stay at home as far as possible and to avoid social contacts. They also announced that they would be using a hotline to help buyers for people in the risk group.


+++ TG Bornheim stops sports courses +++

The TG Bornheim, with over 30,000 members the second largest club in Hesse, responds to the corona virus and will stop with the sports courses from Monday. As the TG announced on its website, no more sport takes place in the club’s own sports facilities in Frankfurt. The gyms, on the other hand, are said to have opened further, but the number of 200 members training at the same time should not be exceeded.

+++ Corona break in Frankfurt nightlife +++

The Corona virus also made itself felt in Frankfurt’s nightlife this weekend. While most pubs and restaurants are still open, there is no dancing in the larger clubs. In Frankfurt, among others, the Tanzhaus West and the Gibson are closed, the opening of Ardi Goldman’s new amusement temple Fortuna Somewhere has been postponed. In Offenbach, Robert Johnson ceased operations until Easter as a precaution.


+++ Events prohibited from 100 people +++

Events with more than 100 people are now prohibited in Hessen. Economics Minister Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens) said this on Saturday evening in the hessenschau. The cabinet made this decision in a special session on Saturday. The regulation should apply to both public and private events. To date, cities and districts had set their own upper limits, which were between 50 and 200 people.

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In addition, all of the country’s museums are closed. The performances at the Hessian state theaters are stopped. The closings are valid until April 19. The municipalities are recommended to apply this to their theaters and museums as well. The members of the state government have canceled all public appointments.

+++ Too big Wedding party dissolved +++

The police dissolved a wedding with around 400 participants on Saturday evening in Hattersheim (Main-Taunus). The background to this is the state government’s recent ban on all events with more than 100 participants. According to the officials, the wedding guests were insightful.

+++ 191 Corona cases +++

In Hesse, the number of people infected with the corona virus rose to 191. The Ministry of Social Affairs did that on Saturday communicated. This means that 58 cases have been added since noon yesterday, most of them in the Bergstrasse district (9), in the Main-Taunus district (8), in Frankfurt (6) and Kassel (6). According to the ministry, all sick people currently have mild courses with no or mild symptoms. You can find our Hessen card with all confirmed Corona cases here.

+++ Marburg-Biedenkopf: Events only up to 50 people +++

The district Marburg-Biedenkopf prohibits public and private events with more than 50 people. In addition, all swimming pools and sports facilities will be closed. Everything had to be done to protect the sensitive age group of the over 60-year-olds as well as the people with relevant previous illnesses as the most important risk groups and above all not to overload the health system, said District Administrator Kirsten Fründt (SPD) on Saturday.

The district has set up two information hotlines. At 06421 / 405-1888 employees of the district administration are available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for questions and information about the cessation of teaching at schools and the closure of day care centers. The health department is available on 06421 / 405-4444 every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for questions about the coronavirus.

+++ Voluntary quarantine recommended +++

Information from the state police department: The security authorities recommend that all travelers returning from risk areas in other countries stay at home for 14 days and avoid direct social contacts. These recommendations apply regardless of whether you have symptoms or not. In this way you help to protect yourself and your environment. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the adjacent risk areas include: Italy, the Grand Est region in France, the state of Tyrol in Austria and the Spanish capital Madrid.

+++ Kassel closes museums and Kurhessentherme +++

After Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Offenbach and the Werra-Meißner district, the city of Kassel also bans smaller events from Sunday. Meetings of more than 149 people are prohibited from Sunday to April 30, the city said on Saturday. This also applies to private events. Retail businesses, business premises, restaurants and restaurants are excluded.

Bowling facilities, fitness centers, dance schools, cultural centers, district centers, private theaters and concert facilities, museums, exhibition halls, arcades, betting shops, the casino, spas and the Kurhessentherme have to close. Clubs must also completely suspend game and training operations.

+++ Eintracht Frankfurt suspends training +++

In response to the spread of the corona virus, Bundesliga club Eintracht Frankfurt will completely suspend team training next week. The next team training with trainer Adi Hütter is only scheduled for March 23. A lactate test is planned for Tuesday. “It is an extraordinary situation, which also requires us to take extraordinary measures,” said Eintracht sports director Fredi Bobic, according to a message from Saturday: “In the coming days, the boys should avoid social contacts outside of their own families. Travel or visits from our foreign countries Players have to stay away. ” With individual training plans, the professionals should keep fit in the private environment, but may also train in the training areas of the arena. Meals are provided to take away so that the professionals do not visit restaurants.

+++ Shopping help from TV Hüttenberg +++

In the coronavirus crisis, the second handball TV05 / 07 Hüttenberg (Lahn-Dill) campaigns for better cooperation: Because the game is suspended until the end of April, the handball players of the club want to take over the shopping for people in quarantine or risk groups. “Perhaps it is only a small act, but we are sure that the needy will be supported with it,” said coach Frederick Griesbach, according to a message from Saturday. Of course, care is taken to ensure that no player poses a risk. “Buying a salad and a few more apples and bringing the people around the region is certainly not too much to ask.” From Tuesday onwards, the shopping lists should be able to be given by phone or e-mail.

+++ Also diocese Limburg says services from ++

After the dioceses of Mainz and Fulda, the diocese of Limburg, the last diocese in Hesse, also reacted to the spread of the Corona virus on Saturday: From Monday onwards, Catholic services will no longer take place in the diocese. The rule initially applied until April 4, the diocese explained. Churches would remain open. As an alternative, the diocese will offer a daily worship live stream from the chapel of the bishop’s house from Tuesday. The cancellation also applies to first communion celebrations and confirmations. Christening celebrations could continue to take place “on the smallest scale”. This also applies to funerals.

+++ Intensive patient infected at the Kassel Clinic +++

A 62-year-old patient in an intensive care unit in Kassel Clinic has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to hr information. What exactly this means for the other patients in the ward and the medical staff there is still unclear. The health office of the district and the city of Kassel is responsible for further measures. A spokesman for the district only confirmed on Saturday that a patient infected with the coronavirus was in the Kassel hospital. The city of Kassel said that in order to protect personal rights, the health department of the Kassel region did not provide any information about the circumstances of sick people. Messages that an intensive care unit at the Kassel Clinic had been blocked are wrong.

+++ Grimmwelt Kassel closes +++

The Grimmwelt in Kassel closes until further notice. “It is important to me not to endanger neither visitors nor employees at the information desk, in the supervisory service, in catering or in administration,” said Peter Stohler, managing director and program manager. The museum was open until 6 p.m. on Saturday. As a preventive measure, there are no public events and guided tours until the end of April. The Falada café-restaurant is also closed to the public for the time being.

+++ This leads to hamster purchases +++

Whether via WhatsApp or Facebook: Many are currently posting or sending pictures of empty supermarket shelves all over Hesse. Rewe has also been experiencing significantly higher demand since Wednesday, especially for pasta, rice, canned goods and drugstore items, as the group announced on Saturday. But there is no problem with the supply of goods. The manufacturers continued to deliver and the shelves would be refilled quickly. “It would only make sense if people who were able to do the shopping spread over the week, and not just shopping on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings,” said a spokesman. Then employees would also have the chance to refill the shelves quickly enough.

Minister of Economics Tarek Al-Wazir (Greens) also stressed on Friday: “I want to expressly say that it is not that we have too little of anything. The central warehouses are well filled.” But why are there hamster purchases anyway? New risks unsettle people – instead of relying on facts, they then observe the behavior of others. The colleagues from vividly explained this here (for the video, click on “to tweet with a picture”. For app users: please click on the Twitter symbol).

+++ Wiesbaden closes swimming pools +++

From Sunday, the Wiesbaden indoor pools, the thermal baths Aukammtal and the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme are no longer open to visitors. The move was necessary to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The city announced on Saturday. The closed indoor swimming pools in Wiesbaden include the outdoor and indoor swimming pool Kleinfeldchen, the indoor swimming pool Kostheim and the leisure pool Mainzer Straße. The city of Darmstadt had previously announced that the baths would be closed.

+++ Lufthansa puts dividend from +++

Lufthansa wants to cut the dividend for its shareholders because of the severe crisis caused by the corona virus. The move is intended to help secure the solvency of the Dax group, as Lufthansa announced in Frankfurt. The group also takes out additional loans and brings in its aircraft fleet as security.

The drastic steps are triggered by the slump in ticket demand and international travel restrictions. “Our airlines now receive more cancellations than bookings every day,” Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr said to the employees in a video message on Friday. The group is therefore cutting its flight program for the coming weeks by up to 70 percent. More than two thirds of the aircraft are then on the ground.

+++ Universities: Sport deleted, libraries to +++

The state government postponed the start of lectures for the summer semester by one week. The universities themselves are also reacting to the corona crisis. All courses in university sports in Frankfurt, Kassel, Gießen and Marburg have been canceled for the time being.

Blocking off the lounge area in the university library Marburg

The tests should take place, however, stricter hygiene measures apply. In Marburg, for example, students should be divided between different rooms if required or take the exam in staggered times. There are restrictions for the libraries: From Monday onwards, the university library in Frankfurt will only be open for loan to students and staff (Mon to Fri, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.), in Marburg half of the spaces will be canceled. As compensation, the deadlines for homework are extended.

+++ Gelnhausen: 30 clinic employees in quarantine +++

At one of the two locations of the Main-Kinzig clinics in Gelnhausen (Main-Kinzig district), 30 employees have been in quarantine as a precaution since Friday. These are personnel from the medical and nursing sector, as a spokeswoman said on Saturday on request.

Location of the Main Kinzig Clinic in Gelnhausen

The reason: Three other employees informed the clinic late Thursday evening that they had been infected with the corona virus. They were in contact with the employees who are now in quarantine at home. So far, all 30 patients have been symptom-free, the spokeswoman said.

+++ Comment on crisis management +++

Canceling major events, closing schools? The state government’s course on coronavirus has not always been clear in the past few days. Now there are drastic measures – and that’s a good thing, says state parliament correspondent Ute Wellstein. The comment for reading and looking at.

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+++ diocese Fulda says services from +++

The diocese of Mainz had already canceled all services as a precaution on Friday, and now the diocese of Fulda is also drawing consequences from the current situation. All services are scheduled to be canceled by April 3. The Catholic diocese of Fulda announced on Saturday. Alternatively, a daily digital service should be provided in the next few days. The diocese also recommends postponing the upcoming first communion celebrations until after the summer holidays. The churches would remain open. According to their own statements, around 380,000 Catholics live in the entire diocese of Fulda; the Hessian part of the diocese includes Marburg, Kassel, Fulda and Hanau.

+++ DGB calls Crisis parental allowance +++

The German Trade Union Federation of Hesse-Thuringia (DGB) demands quick and unbureaucratic help for parents in the form of a crisis parental allowance. The school and daycare closings are important, but they pose enormous challenges for working parents, said Chairman Michael Rudolph on Saturday. “Home office regulations ignore the realities of many employees. Even unpaid holidays or taking children with them to work do not do justice to the interests of the employees or the needs of the children.” A crisis parental allowance, financed from tax funds, is an effective way for parents to protect their income and at the same time to cope with family tasks.

+++ Wiesbaden forbids Events from 150 participants +++

The list of cities that also prohibit smaller events is getting longer and longer: in Wiesbaden the maximum number of participants has been limited to 149. The city announced on Friday evening. This regulation applies to events in closed rooms such as conferences, dance events and concerts, but also to company meetings. Stricter rules apply to smaller events in closed rooms: For example, a list with the names and addresses of the participants must be kept – even at private meetings.

Previously, Frankfurt, Offenbach and the Werra-Meißner district had already decided to ban smaller events.

+++ Marburg: One million euros for cultural associations and associations +++

The city of Marburg has responded to the increasing uncertainty among organizers: It is providing clubs and associations that, for example, cancels their upcoming events due to the Corona crisis, with a financial aid package. This is a total of one million euros, as the magistrate announced on Friday evening. The money should go primarily to cultural associations.

+++ Offenbach prohibits events from 100 people +++

As of Monday, all events with more than 100 participants are prohibited in Offenbach. According to the city, the ban also applies to discos, concert halls and cinemas if more than 100 people meet there at the same time. “We also call on all organizers of smaller events to also join this step. Also in the private or family area,” said Mayor Felix Schwenke (SPD). In addition, many urban facilities such as museums, the library, the swimming pool and other sports facilities remain closed.

+++ Quarantine for returnees of these professional groups +++

Relatives of certain occupational groups are quarantined for two weeks after they return from coronavirus risk areas. This is necessary to prevent contagion of colleagues and thus a failure in important areas, said Social Minister Kai Klose (Greens) on Friday. The ministry has further details on the arrangement and to whom it applies Website compiled.

+++ There is childcare for these professional groups +++

If the schools are closed from Monday, some children should have emergency care. This depends on the profession of the parents: care is planned for the children of doctors and nursing staff as well as for the children of public officials, for example in the fire service and police. The ministry has on its professional list which other professional groups are included Homepage released. However, according to the ministry, both parents of the child must belong to one of these groups, except in the case of single parents.

+++ learning despite school closure +++

Closing the school does not mean that the pupils have holidays from Monday, the district administrator of the Hochtaunuskreis, Ulrich Krebs (CDU), clear on Friday. A cloud solution is to be offered in the course of the coming week: teachers and students can communicate digitally and exchange documents or learning assignments.

in the Lahn-Dill-Kreis you’re even one step further: there’s already a kind of digital classroom. “Students in a class can exchange information with each other and with the teacher via a messenger service and have joint lessons. Homework and work assignments can be distributed,” the group said. 85 percent of the district’s schools could access this system. It has long been used as a supplement to analog school lessons to exchange digital teaching materials.

+++ hesse extra: Are we threatened with total standstill? +++

School closings, short-time work, travel restrictions: The corona virus now affects many areas of everyday life. Is total standstill now threatening us in Hesse? That was the topic of the special show hessen extra, which was broadcast on Friday evening. You can watch the program here:

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An empty classroom in a school.

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+++ press conference to watch +++

No more classes, emergency childcare in daycare centers, restricted visits to clinics and old people’s homes: the state government announced new measures against the corona epidemic on Friday. You can watch the press conference again here.

+++ An interview with labor lawyers +++

From Monday, schools and daycare centers throughout Hesse will be closed. Working parents face a lot of questions: What happens if I have to take care of the children at home and I miss work? Who pays for it if I have to organize other care? Peter Wedde, Professor of Labor Law in Frankfurt, answers these questions in our interview. He also explains the conditions under which quarantined workers continue to receive their wages.

Corona reports in the ticker for reading (March 13, 2020):
+++ No lessons from Monday, daycare centers to +++ hospitals impose visiting bans +++ churches cancel services +++

Corona messages in the ticker for reading (March 10 to March 12, 2020):
+++ High school graduates exempt from teaching +++ Cancellation of major events by April 10th +++ Kassel closes theaters and cinemas +++

Corona reports in the ticker for reading (March 6 to March 9, 2020):
+++ Quarantined doctor’s office +++ Deutsche Bank announces 150th anniversary +++ Blood reserves last 2.2 days +++

Corona reports in the ticker for reading (February 28 to March 5, 2020):
+++ 99 students in quarantine +++ Lufthansa canceled flights to Israel +++ 1,000 calls on hotline +++

Further information

Hygiene protects

The best way to protect yourself from a corona infection is by using

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly (20 seconds with soap),
  • do not shake hands with the greeting,
  • Keep your distance when coughing and sneeze in the crook of the arm,
  • often ventilate in heated rooms.

End of further information

Further information

Call in case of suspicion

The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs has set up a nationwide hotline for questions relating to the corona virus. It can be reached daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m .: 0800/5554666.

If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, please do not go to the doctor’s office, but call them in advance. In this way you avoid possibly infecting other patients in the waiting room.
End of further information


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