This is the doctor who will answer all your questions about the coronavirus


Not that his days are empty. “We work with a complete team seven days a week. As an infectious disease doctor, I am expected to do a 24-hour shift once or twice a week. In that service I have to answer a multitude of telephone calls from general practitioners and citizens, I go into crisis consultations, I make videos and I read documents. And in the meantime, that is the most important part of our work, I do source and contact research so that we can properly apply the guidelines of RIVM. ‘

Since this week, Brahma answers questions that listeners to Omroep Gelderland talk about corona contamination and spread. He does this in turn with internist-infectiologist Chantal Bleeker of the Radboudumc. Brahma takes his extra task seriously and is happy to be able to answer questions that live with people.

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It is going too far to say that it is busier than ever. Brahma dealt with malnutrition in India, worked as a physician in Africa, practiced in a refugee camp with 27,000 people and worked in Burundi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Chad. He came to areas where people died from genocide. He is not a man who is easily upset.

Can I still go abroad?

There is no panic at this time with Brahma. The questions raised through Omroep Gelderland entering him he responds calmly and with control. People want to know if they can still look after their grandchildren, whether that holiday abroad can continue and how the virus actually spreads. Brahma always has an answer, he always shares his knowledge and expertise about infectious diseases with the outside world.

The doctor’s assistants and nurses are the real heroes

GGD physician Ahsis Brahma

His work continues outside the walls of the GGD office. “When I get to school to pick up my son, I can already see the teacher walking by, so to speak. I receive various questions from parents, teachers, friends and family. Whether the schools should remain open, what I think is banning meetings with more than a hundred people, how I feel about the development of the virus and such questions. ‘

Praise to the GGD team

Although Brahma is currently in the limelight, he is not seeking recognition. He prefers to point to the team performance of the GGD. “The real heroes are the doctors’ assistants and the nurses. The people who are busy at the call centers. They are currently taking hundreds of calls a day from really everyone: healthcare professionals, GPs, parents, children, the elderly. ”

Everyone calls. That is hectic, different from normal. Usually a few questions are asked a day, now a lot more. And in the meantime, the STI consultation hour, youth health care and the traveler consultation hour will continue as usual. ‘

Weekend services

Besides being a GGD doctor, Brahma is also a forensic doctor and works in this role with the police. Last night he was working with a prisoner who needed medicines. He works two full weekend shifts per month instead of one and is ready to answer questions, contact research and consultation with other doctors on Saturday morning.

Although he is now tried and tested in the profession, Brahma is also learning from the current corona crisis. “You have to deal again with the stubbornness of unlearned things. In the Netherlands we would like to put everything in booklets, but such a virus is of course not happy. At the moment, the greatest strength and flexibility of our GGD team is the biggest learning point for me. I see colleagues go on for so long, work so hard and at the same time keep each other out of the wind. It’s time for you to go home for a while, rest. That makes an impression. ”

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