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The number of deaths from the new coronavirus in the Netherlands rose to twelve on Saturday, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) reports. On Friday, the death toll was still at ten. The total number of people diagnosed with the virus has increased by 155 to 959.

The two deaths, like the other cases, involve elderly patients with underlying suffering. In total, 136 patients were admitted or hospitalized.

Fewer new positive tests were reported on Saturday than Friday, when there were 190. According to RIVM, this is because the test policy has been adjusted. From Thursday, people with mild complaints will no longer be tested because there is a national measure to stay at home with the first complaints. But there is more testing among risk groups.

According to RIVM, it is still too early to see the effect of the government’s appeal on Thursday to reduce social contacts.

These are the other main points of the corona crisis, which are explained in this article. The list is supplemented throughout the day:

  • Belgium reports fourth coronavirus dead and 133 new cases
  • Keukenhof postpones opening, financial consequences are great
  • Spain is calling on residents stay at home, work is still allowed
  • Corona test tent for university hospital in Maastricht
  • More than in a day 1500 virus infections there in Spain
  • Unrest in Belgian prison about coronavirus
  • Food distribution runs out maximum capacity
  • KLM achieves travelers back from Suriname
  • Copper waits weeks for piece of gold due to corona crisis
  • Also Morocco closes the air for flights to and from the Netherlands. The same measures also apply to Belgium, Germany, Portugal, China, Spain, Italy, France and Algeria. It has not been announced when air traffic will resume.
  • KLMcrew member infected with coronavirus, quarantined for 14 days.
  • Funeral honorary burger Harderwijk broadcast on local channel.
  • Czech Republic is sitting virtually locked due to coronavirus. Only supermarkets, pharmacies and petrol stations are still open. Restaurants, cafes, museums, cinemas and schools are all close. That will take until at least March 24, the authorities said.
  • Saudi Arabia will be banning flights from abroad for two weeks. Also leave there no planes more to other countries. The measure will take effect on Sunday.
  • Anyone who New Zealand within will, must fourteen days in quarantine. Also, no cruise ships are allowed to dock until June 30.
  • In Luxembourg is the first dead fallen by corona. It is a 94-year-old resident. In the country, 38 infections have been reported so far.
  • The House in the USA tunes for a package emergency measures against the coronavirus.
  • The United States Department of Defense brings out all that domestic travel for soldiers, civilian personnel and their families shut down. That measure will apply until May 11.
  • New Zealand has the national memorial service for the attacks on mosques in Christchurchwhich would be held on Sunday, called off because of the corona virus.
  • Bonaire also closes the airspace for European flights. That measure applies in any case until March 30.
  • The number of infections in Latin America is expanding considerably.
  • Also McDonald’s restaurants come up with measures against the corona virus. For example, the McDrive can only be used for contactless payments and employees wear gloves.
  • The staff in the headquarters of the United Nations (UN) in New York was sent home on Friday because of the new corona virus. Employees will have to work from home in the coming weeks unless their presence is essential.

Belgium reports fourth coronavirus dead and 133 new cases

Belgium reports 133 new cases of the coronavirus. This brings the total number of positive tests in the country to 689, the Belgian government announced on Saturday at a press conference.

It was also announced that for the fourth time someone in Belgium died of the lung virus. According to the authorities, the victim is in her eighties.

In Belgium, 10,500 tests have so far been taken and subsequently examined. The vast majority of new infections come from Flanders. 97 people are hospitalized by the virus, 24 of whom are in intensive care.

Keukenhof postpones opening, financial consequences are great

Keukenhof cannot open as intended next Saturday due to the corona virus. The flower exhibition in Lisse now aims on April 1. The ban on meetings with more than 100 people to prevent the spread of the virus will apply until the end of this month.

Keukenhof is a major tourist attraction. Every year the flower exhibition is visited by more than a million people, many of them from abroad. According to the organization, the financial implications are significant “for all concerned.” Keukenhof did not want to give more details about this on Saturday.

The flower exhibition opens on or around March 21 every year.

Spain calls on residents to stay at home, work is still allowed

The Spanish government calls on all Spaniards to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the new corona virus. Several Spanish media reported this on Saturday.

According to the newspaper El Mundo, the government in Madrid advises that residents can only leave the house for food, medicines, care, work or “other emergencies”. As an emergency measure, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior is taking control of all police forces in the country.

In Spain, more than 5,753 people are now infected with the coronavirus. On Saturday it was announced that the number of new cases has increased explosively by more than 1500. The number of deaths due to the virus is now 136 in Spain.

Corona test tent for university hospital in Maastricht

A large tent will be built for the hospital in Maastricht on Saturday in connection with the crisis surrounding the corona virus. In that tent, people with respiratory complaints will soon be able to have a CT scan. This scan allows an initial selection of who may have virus complaints and who has other lung problems, for example as a result of a bacteria or a fungus.

That said a spokesperson for the Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC +) on Saturday following reports about this at 1Limburg. The so-called triage tent is set up in the parking lot at the emergency first aid.

“Now, patients with respiratory complaints end up in the emergency room and have to spend hours in isolation awaiting the results of a lab test,” explains a MUMC + spokesperson. “With the CT scanner in the tent, these people can be screened before they even enter the hospital. The scan makes it clear whether or not it concerns viral complaints. It is not a definitive test, because it has to go through the lab, but we can already make an initial selection. ”

According to the spokesperson, this method also saves on capacity, because the insulation places are limited. “It is not that the water is up to our lips, but we take into account a growing influx.”

More than 1500 virus infections in Spain in a day

More than 1,500 new corona infections were reported in one day in Spain. The authorities announced this on Saturday. In total, more than 5,753 people are now infected in Spain. The death toll from the virus is at 136.

All over Spain, a state of emergency was declared on Saturday to better tackle the virus.

With the state of emergency, the government can, for example, oblige citizens to stay or to stop coming. The government can also oblige people to provide services. It can also take over companies or institutions temporarily, ration products or take other drastic measures to secure the provision of food or drinking water, for example.

Spain is the hardest hit country in Europe after Italy.

Unrest in Belgian prison about coronavirus

About 95 detainees in the prison of the Belgian Dendermonde refuse to return after the morning walk. The prisoners demand measures because of the new corona virus.

Clothing has been set on fire and the situation is restless at the complex, reports the Belgian directorate-general that it is about penal institutions. Smoke has developed in prison, also in the cells. The fire brigade and police have been called in.

The detainees demand masks and want the visit to be allowed again. As a precautionary measure, the visit was already suspended until April 3. The prisoners received 20 euros extra call credit as compensation.

“Our people are on site and are now negotiating with the detainees,” says Mayor Piet Buyse van Dendermonde about the situation. “I am confident that it will be resolved quickly.”

Food distribution runs at maximum capacity

The approximately fifty distribution centers of supermarkets in the Netherlands are currently operating at maximum capacity to fill the shortages of stocks in Dutch supermarkets. Many hundreds of extra trucks will be deployed this weekend to supply the shops with products. That says director Marc Janssen of the Central Bureau of Food Trade (CBL), the sector organization that represents the interests of supermarkets and food service companies.

Janssen thinks that after this weekend the stocks in the shops will be largely back to normal level: “Both in the distribution centers and in the shops, people are working with all their might and, where necessary, extra personnel are deployed to fill all the shelves. The situation is already improving, delays are being made up, but I fear that this will not work out this weekend. ” The CBL emphasizes that there are sufficient stocks in the distribution centers.

The CBL suspects that supermarkets are making good sales, but have no concrete figures yet.

Scientists claim antibody discovery against COVID-19

Scientists from Erasmus MC and Utrecht University claim the discovery of an antibody against Covid-19. The scientific publication of the group of ten scientists is ready for assessment by the leading journal Nature, reports Erasmus Magazine, which calls the discovery a world first.

“The antibody prevents the virus from being able to infect and can also help in the detection of the virus,” says professor of cell biology Frank Grosveld, one of the discoverers on behalf of Erasmus MC. “We are now trying to get a pharmaceutical on board – which looks good, by the way – that can produce the antibody on a large scale as a medicine.”

The article with findings from the scientists was already published on Thursday on a website called BioRxiv, on which biologists can publish their research and to which colleagues can respond. The summary speaks of an antibody to SARS2, the coronavirus causing the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Testing takes months

The antibody can help detect and prevent this type of corona infection. According to Erasmus Magazine, the antibody has yet to be tested on humans, a process that takes months.

In the article, Grosveld says that he and his fellow researchers had already isolated an antibody before the current pandemic. “From the previous study, we still had untested antibodies in the refrigerator that did not react with all three mutations, but with SARS1. When the current crisis – SARS2 – broke out, we immediately tested whether the antibodies that reacted with SARS1 also respond to SARS2 and found the antibody that has now been published. ”

Grosveld says that in addition to developing the drug, the antibody can also be used to set up a diagnostic test. “One that everyone can do at home so that people easily know whether they have an infection or not.”

Important step in drug development

The invention is especially important for making a medicine, says Grosveld. “If you were to take this as a patient, it is expected – and that is only an expectation – that the infection can be stopped in the patient.” According to him, a real solution is a vaccine. “Others are working on that. However, developing a vaccine can easily take two years. The medicine of us is there, if it all works, sooner. ”

KLM employee tested positive

A KLM employee tested positive for Covid-19 in Taiwan. KLM confirmed this on Saturday. He’s in quarantine for a fortnight. According to the airline, it is a ‘crew member’ of a KLM aircraft that arrived in Taipei last Tuesday. KLM does not disclose its position for privacy reasons.

The health protocol developed by KLM for the coronavirus has been put into effect immediately, in collaboration with the authorities in Taipei, the airline says. “The employee will remain in quarantine for 14 days. KLM is closely monitoring the situation and is in constant contact with national and international health and aviation authorities, “said KLM.

Maastricht UMC + is building a tent for the first care of corona patients

Maastricht UMC + hospital is building a large triage tent in the emergency parking lot. That is an extra measure in connection with the coronavirus, 1Limburg reports.

The construction of the tent started on Saturday morning. The tent should be operational by next week.

In the triage tent, doctors can assess the severity of the complaints per patient and decide which patients should be helped the fastest. The hospital expects a larger influx of patients than usual.

Funeral in Harderwijk broadcast on local channel

Due to the corona outbreak, the funeral of the Harderwijk honorary citizen Dim van Rhee will be broadcast live on local channel HK13 next Tuesday. After all, only a limited number of people can attend the funeral due to the measures taken by the cabinet.

That reports the Stentor. Van Rhee died last Sunday at the age of 74. The Harderwijker was active in numerous boards and organizing committees during his life. Interest in his funeral is expected to be high. However, because of the corona measures, a maximum of 100 people may be present at the funeral.

Emergency measures USA

In the United States House of Representatives, a package of emergency measures was adopted on Saturday to prevent the spread of the new corona virus. Among other things, Americans receive paid sick leave and can get tested for the infectious virus free of charge. Extra money is also pumped into Medicaid, the care program for the poorest of the poor. Unemployment benefits will also rise and food banks will be supplemented.

The package of measures still has to go through the Senate, which will consider it next week. President Donald Trump has already said he is in favor of the measures. He announced a state of emergency in the US on Friday, freeing up $ 50 billion for states to take action against the lung virus.

Coronavirus is spreading in Latin America

The number of countries in Central and South America that are affected by corona infections is growing steadily. Guatemala, Paraguay, Venezuela, Uruguay and Suriname reported their first illnesses on Friday (local time). The first deaths occurred in Ecuador, while the death toll is two in Argentina. Five people have died in Latin America so far.


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