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Ibuprofen does not make you susceptible to coronavirus


No proven link between ibuprofen and coronavirus

A social media warning saying that taking ibuprofen is causing severe Covid-19 courses is currently haunting. An alleged research result from the University of Vienna is cited as the source. On Saturday afternoon, the university made it clear via Twitter: This is a hoax.

“Hello, this is Elisabeth, the mother of Poldi” … that’s how the voice message begins. You can see what the fake news is all about in the video.

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Uni Wien: It’s “fake news”

“Attention, the WhatsApp text and voice messages currently circulating around alleged research results from the” Wiener Uniklinik “on a connection between Ibuprofen and Covid19 are #FakeNews, which have no connection whatsoever with #MedUniWien,” said the university via their official Twitter account.

In the voice message, which is distributed via WhatsApp, among other things, a young mother claims that ibuprofen is to blame for the severe course and high mortality from the lung disease Covid-19, which is caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The woman got the information from a friend who works at the University of Vienna. As what, she doesn’t say. There is “very solid evidence that ibuprofen accelerates the multiplication of the virus”.

In conversation with RTL, Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streek, head of virology at the University Hospital Bonn, there is no proven connection between the coronavirus and the use of the pain reliever ibuprofen.

Ministry of Health warns of false reports

The communication also said: “This and similar misinformation is currently unsettling many citizens. Please help stop it from spreading and correcting it. Right now, let us remain level-headed and trust each other even under stress.”


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