Corona virus: curfew in Spain – what is still allowed



Coronavirus shutdown: Spain plans to curfew

The novel corona virus killed 136 people in Spain. The government in Madrid has now drawn profound consequences.

Coronavirus and flu in comparison

Coronavirus and flu in comparison: This is how the two viral diseases differ.

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  • The massive spread of the corona virus is increasingly creating a mood of disaster in Spain
  • The Spanish government wants to restrict the freedom of movement of the population, the cabinet passed an emergency decree
  • People should only leave their homes for shopping and work
  • Tourists in Spain make their way home
  • There are more than 5,700 people infected across Spain on Saturday. There have also been 136 deaths

After the surge in Corona cases the Spanish government wants to do almost 6,000 cases nationwide Limit freedom of movement for the population.

After one Emergency Decree, which should be passed by the cabinet on Saturday afternoon, people are only allowed to leave their homes for compelling reasons: for example, to get to the workplace, the supermarket or the health center. All shops except grocery stores and pharmacies must close.

As of next Monday, practically all leisure activities outside of one’s own four walls and travel within the country would be banned throughout Spain. These restrictions also apply to foreign holidaymakers residing in the country.

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez had previously declared a “national alarm”. This step gives the government extensive powers to intervene in the freedoms of citizens. Buildings and goods can also be confiscated. For example, the idea is to convert hotels into auxiliary hospitals.

Coronavirus in Spain: cases are increasing

This emergency law will initially apply for the next 14 days, but will probably be extended. “We will need weeks,” said Sánchez before the cabinet meeting. “This will be a tough and difficult time, but we will stop the virus.”

This was preceded by an alarming increase in Corona cases in Spain. According to the health authorities, the number of infected people rose to 5753 on Saturday. Within 24 hours, there were 1,519 new cases nationwide. More than half of all corona diseases were diagnosed in the Madrid region, where seven million people live. At least 136 people have so far died in Spain related to the virus.

These alarming numbers raise fears that Spain will experience a similarly dramatic development as Italy. After Italy, Spain is already the European country with the most Covid 19 cases. A connection to Italy has been identified in many diseases in Spain.

The new restrictions have largely paralyzed public life in Spain. Madrid and numerous other regions had previously ordered shops, bars, restaurants, leisure facilities and attractions to be closed.

Long lines and quarrels in supermarkets

Long queues formed in front of the supermarkets in the capital city of Madrid on Saturday morning because of fear of supply shortages. In the afternoon, many shelves of basic groceries were bought empty. In some cases, the police had to move in because people in the store were fighting over the last products available.

The right of exception also limits the freedom of movement for foreign holidaymakers on Mallorca and other holiday centers. The next few days you will see how strictly this curfew for leisure activities, such as walks on the beach, is handled on the holiday island. Mallorca has now moved all hotel openings to summer due to the corona virus.

Thousands of tourists who are still in Spain are now packing their bags and planning their trip home. Because worry-free rest and relaxation is currently out of the question even in the Spanish holiday strongholds. Corona virus and vacation – where Germans are no longer allowed to travel.

The royal family was also afraid of viruses: Queen Letizia is in quarantine. King Felipe’s 47-year-old wife was traveling with Spain’s Minister of Women’s Affairs Irene Montero these days. A short time later, Minister Montero had diagnosed the virus. A first test at Letizia and Felipe was negative. “Queen Letizia has canceled all obligations and will take regular fever measurements,” said the royal family.

Coronavirus forces Spain’s parliament to take a break

Spain’s entire government is self-isolated because of Ministero Montero’s viral illness. Cabinet meetings now only take place via video. In the meantime, another cabinet member has tested positive. It is the Minister for Public Administration, Carolina Darias. A first test has so far been unsuccessful for Prime Minister Sánchez and the other 20 ministers – also for Vice-Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias, Montero’s partner for women.

Meanwhile, the disease of other prominent politicians has been reported: For example, the leading duo of the right-wing populist party Vox, third strongest force in parliament, is affected by the virus. These are party leader Santiago Abascal and general secretary Javier Ortega Smith. Former President of Parliament and conservative politician Ana Pastor also became infected.

Coronavirus: Spain’s football is suspended

Professional sports are also feeling the effects of the virus. Real Madrid, the nation’s most famous football club, is quarantined after a professional basketball player has tested positive. All current developments regarding the corona virus in the news blog. National player Toni Kroos is also affected.

Spain’s football league has canceled all games for the next two weeks. The government had previously ordered that all sporting events must take place without an audience until further notice.

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