Advice from the Hellenic Dental Federation on patients undergoing coronavirus


Call on all patients to abide by the ESA guidelines for him coronavirus addressed by the Hellenic Dental Federation.

In a statement, he urges people to be very careful to avoid spreading the virus, but without forgetting its oral hygiene.

It even gives instructions on how to deal with any issue related to the dental industry.

Doctors are not left out of the guidelines either, as they are urged to carefully manage the situation with regard to both patients and the precautionary measures to be applied in their clinics.

Detailed information on this:

“The EEA Board of Directors today held a meeting on 13-3-2020 and considering its instructions. National Public Health Organization for the avoidance of unnecessary travel and the Code of Dental Ethics (PD 39/2009, Government Gazette A ́ 55, 1-4-2009), decided that dentists continue to operate with updated guidelines.

We issue the following instructions:


General population:

-If you feel pain, contact your dentist to advise you by phone and

evaluate the urgency or not of your problem.

-When swelling occurs in the mouth, face and neck area, contact

your dentist.

– Contact your dentist for any other emergency.

-All non-emergency treatments are recommended to be rescheduled.

Quarantine population:

Contact ESA and your dentist for telephone instructions.

EODY: telephones 1135 (24 hours operation) 2105212000


Oral Health and Good Oral Hygiene Help Improve Immune Function

B. Directions to DENTISTS:

Colleagues, DON’T HAVE at Dentistry:

-Patients whose treatments will have irreversible effects or cause harm to the patient’s health by taking precautionary measures.


1) Receive by phone a detailed history:

-for recent trips to Greece and abroad.

-if he or she is experiencing cough, fever, shortness of breath, diarrhea or discharge of force in the immediate environment.

2) Strict implementation of the measures to prevent the spread of infections. Carefully clean and disinfect work surfaces and areas with appropriate solutions. Careful cleaning of floors.

3) Strengthening Physicians and Patients’ standard hygiene measures (eg placing alcohol in the waiting room).

4) Concurrent use of protective goggles or face mask, with surgical mask and headgear, long-sleeved waterproof apron, disposable gloves by dental and auxiliary personnel.

5) Adequate frequent ventilation of the space.

6) Rationalize appointment time to allow for extra time and avoid crowding in waiting areas.

7) Restrict aerosol generating operations.

Otherwise, aerosol protection by:

-Using the rubber sealer technique.

-Use powerful suction systems.

8) Strict management of infectious waste.

9) The guidelines are updated as we progress and we will be in constant communication.

Colleagues, due to the lack of health care material observed and with a sense of responsibility towards our patients, support staff and our families, it is imperative. ”


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