Coronavirus: UADE denies possible cases but students assure that there are exchange students who did not isolate


In case you have returned from traveling from areas with circulation and transmission of coronavirus, to date the following countries: China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and those indicated by the Ministry of Health, Although there are no symptoms, it is suggested that you stay at home without going to the University and avoid social contact for 14 days, and immediately notify the Wellness Program. Absences caused by this preventive measure will be justified”, Assured part of the e-mail.

It was not the first time that the Institution made reference to the subject. Since January 31, in addition to issuing a first preventive statement, the UADE Foundation was responsible for answering almost a thousand queries that came from students, teachers and collaborators about the current situation and measures to be adopted.

On Monday 9, however, when J. entered the classroom at the Lima 775 headquarters, he was surprised: Among the students was a boy from France. “We realized he was there when the teacher started taking the list and said her name in French”, Tells Infobae.

According to J. (a university student who prefers not to reveal his name) the young man said that he had arrived in Argentina ten days ago and that, from the institution, he had not been warned about the isolation measures. From that moment, the students who came to UADE to study under the Exchange Program began to be targeted by distrust. And not only them: students who vacationed abroad as well.

As coronavirus cases in our country and in the world increased, in the faculty it began to be generated some paranoia that forced the institution to issue a statement. “In order to bring tranquility to your entire educational community, The UADE Foundation reports that so far no case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been registered at the university. Further, emphatically denies the false news poured into the media and social networks linked to the closure of the facilities and positive cases ”, the statement begins.

In dialogue with this medium, Spokesmen of the Faculty assure that they were always handled considering, first the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and then also considering the indications of the Ministry of Education.Until Saturday, March 7, isolation was recommended, but not mandatory. We could not restrict anyone’s transit to the University. The same happened in different companies and at the Ezeiza International Airport ”, they argue from UADE.

For D., another student who prefers anonymity, the house of studies was increasing prevention measures this last week. “I am not afraid to come to study. I can get coronavirus anywhere: both on the rise and in the busor ”, he explains.

During the last hours, the educational establishment decided to suspend scheduled events, national and international visits, until further notice. Further, reinforced hygiene measures placing distributors of gel alcohol through hallways and high-traffic areas, such as entrance doors to bathrooms, meeting rooms and entrance hall, as well as more soap in the bathrooms.

Too preventive signage was placed in key sectors of all its campuses (Monserrat, Recoleta and Costa Argentina). Likewise, a explanatory video by Dr. Agustina Tortoriello, member of the infectology area of Stamboulian Health Services, with recommendations to continue promoting awareness and preventing the spread of the virus.

Towards the end of the statement, the Institution ensures that More than 150 one-to-one contacts were made to each of the international exchange students from risk areas and local exchange students who returned from risk areas, informing the regulations in force to date.. Regarding the almost 100 local exchange students who are currently doing their academic stay in Europe and the United States, the University was contacted to find out the status of each one.



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