The main signs of coronavirus: how to understand that you have already been ill


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The main signs of coronavirus: how to understand that you have already been ill

Anyone who has not yet encountered the coronavirus must have thought: “Maybe I got sick and didn’t notice?”, Or: “But I was sick then, maybe it was a coronavirus?” We figure out how this can be understood, and what the sick feel.

Signs that you have already had coronavirus

According to the experience already gained, the most likely signs of doctors include the following:

  • you were very sick (compared to usual);

  • was clear loss of smell and / or taste;

  • after an illness, you periodically suffer from shortness of breath (this is one of the most prolonged consequences of coronavirus – the result of prolonged inflammation in the lungs);

  • there was a dry, hacking cough for a long time (not associated with allergies, pollution, smoke, etc.);

  • after an illness, you felt weakness and fatigue for a long time (stronger and longer than usual – up to two months; this is another of the “long-term” consequences of the coronavirus);

  • you noticed uncharacteristic symptoms for yourself that do not go away for a long time (for example, a rapid pulse even at rest, arrhythmia, skin rash and other unexplained problems that did not exist before).

You could also have an “intestinal” type coronavirus if, before the onset of colds or at the same time with them, you were bothered by abdominal pain, diarrhea, or nausea.

The chances that you have been ill are greatly increased if you are sure or suspect that you have been in contact with an infected person.



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