Scientists have found out which disease doubles the death rate from COVID-19


Rostov region, October 18, 2020. DON24.RU. Chronic and infectious kidney diseases double the risk of death in COVID-19, writes RIA Novosti, citing a study by scientists from Imperial College London.

In their work, experts analyzed the data of almost 400 patients hospitalized with the new coronavirus. It turned out that people with impaired kidney function die almost twice as often.

“So, 216 patients had kidney problems … 107 of them died (about 50%). At the same time, out of the remaining 156 patients without any kidney pathologies, 32 people died (21%), ”the source writes.

According to the researchers, the reasons for this phenomenon have yet to be clarified: the matter may be in the general destructive effect of the virus on the body or in the use of toxic agents in the treatment of COVID-19.


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