How COVID-19 Could Help Trump Get Reelected


The illness of US President Donald Trump with the coronavirus has raised many questions about the election campaign and the elections themselves, which are scheduled for November 3.

Earl Rasmussen, vice president of the political science Eurasia Center, told RG that Trump’s deteriorating health could lead to uncertainty. In his opinion, “this is an unlikely, but possible scenario, and then experienced vice president Mike Pence will be able to quickly take over the leadership functions.”

By the way, if Democrat Joseph Biden suddenly falls ill in the future, the situation will be more complicated, since his “second number”, Kamala Harris, has much less experience, and voters have yet to take a closer look at her policy, the expert said.

Experts do not exclude noticeable changes in the election campaign. So far, the second and third debates between Trump and Biden are scheduled for October 15 and 22, and the commission for their conduct has not announced any changes. California-based political scientist Bill Borum believes that “there is too little time left, so the debate will be canceled rather than postponed.” However, in his opinion, much will depend on the severity of Trump’s symptoms. “I would bet that the second meeting with Biden will definitely be canceled, and in the third, hypothetically, the president, if he recovers, will want to show that he is healthy,” the expert noted.

In turn, Rasmussen stressed that Trump has excellent health for his age, so it can be assumed that he will recover quickly enough and with minimal losses for his election campaign. Nevertheless, Rasmussen also admits the possibility of canceling the debate. “At least the next series of debates will be canceled, but probably both. At the same time, the vice-presidential debate (October 7) will take place on time,” he said.

Oddly enough, not only the coronavirus test can be positive for Trump, but also the result that he is able to extract from the current situation.

“Most likely, all this will allow the president to strengthen his position and, perhaps, even get the votes of those who have not yet decided on their choice,” Rasmussen said.

In his opinion, the headquarters of the head of state, for sure, has already worked out a new strategy, within the framework of which there may be fewer “live” events, but social networks, Trump’s favorite means of communication with voters, will be used much more actively.

“On the other hand, opponents of the head of state will certainly cite this situation as an example of Trump’s policies during a pandemic,” he adds.

Borum, for his part, notes that in this situation, the role of the so-called “disputed” states, as well as voting by mail, is increasing.

“It seems that very few voters have not yet decided. Therefore, I do not think that the current situation will seriously affect the degree of support for Trump. The main thing is what will be the balance of power in the“ disputed ”states. will have a vote by mail, “the expert noted.


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