COVID-19: Padlock in gyms, hairdressers and beauty salons in Italy


Switzerland is introducing new restrictions across the country in a bid to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of a mask is now mandatory in all enclosed public spaces as well as at airports and train stations. Every two weeks, the authorities will evaluate the effectiveness of the measures.

“New rules must be applied. The use of a mask is mandatory in all indoor areas that are accessible to the public. Also, public gatherings of more than 15 people are not allowed. In winter the concentrations are lower, but they remain outbreaks. Those who drink in public places, restaurants and bars should sit down. We know that most infections occur in private events “ said Alain Bersho, Switzerland’s health minister.

The increase in cases and deaths in Italy has led the Conte government to take new measures. More specifically, gyms, swimming pools, hairdressers and beauty centers are locked. The bars close at 21.00, while the restaurants at 23.00. At the same time, thousands of police officers carry out checks and impose fines on those who do not wear a mask and do not follow the rules of social distancing.

In Prague, thousands of people protested against government restrictions. The gathered people demand the resignation of the Minister of Health and claim that the closing of schools, restaurants and bars is illegal. Police used tear gas and a breeze to disperse the protesters, while episodes occurred.


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