Coronavirus: cases in Parliament employees Policy



Coronavirus: cases in employees of the Parliament

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What did the tracking of the contacts of the second case show and how many were ordered to enter under house arrest.

According to information, on Friday, October 16, he was found to be positive for the coronavirus, an employee of the Parliament, whose service, however, is housed in a building outside the mansion and he was on a teleworking status all last week.

The next day, a positive case was found in another member of Parliament, who has a family relationship with the first case and who also worked in a place outside Parliament.

From their history, it is strongly probable that they were infected at a social event a week ago.

The tracking of the contacts of the second case inside the Parliament revealed 13 contacts, of which 4 were evaluated as close, which were instructed according to the protocols of EODY to stay at home for 14 days and for active monitoring of their health.

Respectively, instructions were given to the other 9 low risk contacts. Note that all contacts were tested during 13-15 / 10 by PCR during screening in BTE and were negative.

In addition, a rapid coronavirus antigen test was performed on Sunday 18/10 in all contacts, the result of which was also negative for all. Additionally, a repeat test with PCR is planned next week in consultation with EODY.

On Sunday 18/10, disinfection was carried out in the regional building of the Parliament, where the second case was working.


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