Antwerp test village moves to a location that is ‘winter proof’


The covid test village of the city of Antwerp and the Hospital Network Antwerp (ZNA) will also continue to exist in the coming months, but will move from the current Spoor Oost site to a location that is suitable for the winter months.

The cabinet of the Antwerp Alderman for Health Care Fons Duchateau (N-VA) emphasizes that the test village should not move for the postponed Sinksenfoor that lands on Spoor Oost. The winter edition of the Sinksenfoor will open there on 21 November. ‘It was the plan from the beginning to move in the winter’, it sounds. ‘At the very least, we want to allow the employees to work in a sheltered way when it is cold and wet. Finding an alternative location was not easy, but we think we have found one. ‘

The new location will still be on the territory of the city of Antwerp and would have the same capacity as the current one. In the testing village, people without serious symptoms can go for a covid test if, for example, they have just returned from a red zone abroad, they have received a code through a contact investigator, or they need a negative test to travel abroad. You can drive through it by car as well as on foot or by bike.


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